How to Stop Wasting Time

Procrastinate. Abuse valuable time.We all do it. Yes, I am raising my hand too! When it comes to productivity and your business be sure that you are being productive all day as opposed to just BUSY. Yes, there is a difference my friends. It is time to get real about how to be productive AND busy!

As an entrepreneur time is your most valuable asset. You can’t buy more time, you can’t borrow it nor can you create it. However you can RECLAIM in today! I’m optimistic that a few minor adjustments can help you identify the time you may waste and help you to adjust.

Many people keep a food journal to help them monitor what they are eating and how they can change. I really hate when I am forced to see how many unnecessary calories I consume..YIKES! Nonetheless, why not do the same for your time? Keep track of your computer use with RescueTime. It tracks activity time spent on sites, per activity and per program… YIKES again!

Did you know that only 2% of the population can successfully multi-task? Shocking, because I thought all women were pros! Instead of multi tasking a better idea may be to just take one task at a time. Focusing on just one thing at a time will help you be efficient and speedy on that one particular task. Try focusing on one task for 10- 15 minutes and then switch to something else.

Another suggestion is to set mobile alerts. Yep, smart phones alert for more than just emails, Facebook comments and texts! LOL While using mobile alerts for managing your time you will also need to turn off other alerts. Set designated times to return calls, respond to emails, respond to texts and have your phone remind you. Time gets lost when you stop an activity to respond to non- urgent messages. Many take the time to respond as soon as they receive an alert, but it then takes another 10-15 minutes to get back on task after responding. Worried about an emergency? My best guess is that if it is really serious that person will call you!

Another vicious time snatcher is the internet. Sometimes willpower alone is just not enough! If necessary you can get site blocking tools that will let you get your “fix”, but will cut you off after an allotted amount of time. Examples of these site blocking software tools include StayFocused, SelfControl and Self Restraint. The names of the software sound like things that should be inately within us, right?! 🙂

My final suggestion is to “Take 10”. At the top of each hour take 10 long, deep breaths and focus on absolutely nothing! Do not think about what you have accomplished throughout the day. Do not think about what needs to be done. Just stop. This will allow you to release a bit of stress and allow you to be more productive. It will also free a bit of space in your brain for more creative entrepreneur ideas.

Commit to doing at least two of these for a few days. Let’s treat time as the most precious of all gifts, because it is!


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