Make It Pretty

Why should a customer or client choose you? What sets you a part? What makes you better?

There may not be anything that sets you apart from your competitor. There may not be anything that is better about your business. As a matter of fact your product/service may be exactly the same as the business around the corner. You know this, your staff knows this, your family and friends know this. That does not mean the CONSUMER needs to know this.

One important factor that does set you apart from your competitor is your branding. The way you represent your business, yourself, your product, your services, etc can make ALL the difference in your potential customer choosing your business or services. If you are marketing (which you should be doing even if you cannot afford it on a large scale), make sure the materials that you are presenting to represent your business are giving a great first impression. You only get one chance to make a first impression 🙂 Forget about how sub-par or average you may feel. Your marketing materials need to scream “We are the BEST”, “I know what I am doing”, “this is a high quality product”. Confidence is not only attractive on an individual; it is also attractive on a BRAND!  Be sure to write down the best qualities of your business and expound, expound, expound! Get feedback from others on what they feel is your business’ best attributes and use their testimony. Remember others want to know why a REAL person choose you.

Lastly, MAKE IT PRETTY!!! High aesthetic quality in your business and marketing material is often the only way to stand out. Many times you are not able to personally meet each individual interested in your business or services. Before they meet you they “meet” your logo, website, your pamphlet, your business card! The consumer formulates an opinion about whether they want to know more based upon the impression after viewing. If done correctly their impression of your business will be quality, high class, sought after business. You create these reactions without words, without shaking a hand, without giving your elevator pitch! Create a consistent sensory experience with a quality website, social media graphics, fonts and more.

Remember your business may be exactly the same as your competitors, but the IMPRESSIONS can be totally different by creating an awesome sensory experience.


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