Business Radio X Interview

I had a great interview on Business Radio X on Monday

So yes, this is a pretty bad pic. I told you in my previous blog post that I had a rough 10 days!! lol If you missed it, check it out here. My interview starts around the 17 minute mark 😉

Confession: When I woke up Mondaymorning I was dreading the fact that I had to go into the studio for an on air interview. I was drained! However, I got myself together and sat through the interview. Guess what the result was? THEY GAVE ME MY OWN SHOW!! Crazy, right?! My interview was conducted by the owners of the Radio X and they support what I am doing for the female entrepreneur. They offered me an opportunity to speak about entrepreneurship on their tour next year and to also host a new show about Mompreneurs! You can check out my first episode on December 5 at 10am ET. I will remind you closer to the date

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