Happy Women as Entrepreneurs Day!

Yes! Just in case you did not know, we have our own DAY!!! What are you doing to celebrate YOU today? Regardless of whether you are an aspiring, new or a very well seasoned entrepreneur I congratulate you on your journey! I know what it is like to wish all that ambition, passion and all those ideas would just go away sometimes! I know what it is like to wish you were “normal” and could find happiness in a 9-5 job. I have come to accept and embrace that I was just born this way; it’s not going away.

There are so many challenges in being an entrepreneur. Time, money, space, you name it. What many do not talk about is that sense of loneliness you may feel when you are starting or growing a business. That loneliness takes root when you are sticking your neck out to do something different from what your friends and family understand. You may be trying to do something outside the box of what people find standard and stable. This desire inside of you to defy mediocre may not be something that people are grabbing their pom-poms to cheer about. But today, celebrate why you started this journey anyway! Don’t let those with limited vision blur yours!

That other pesky thing I mentioned- TIME. Do you feel like an octopus- doing some marketing, generating leads, paying bills, creating products, picking up kids, cooking dinner…the list is endless, right? Today, on YOUR DAY, take a little time to just breathe! Honestly, that is what I am doing! I am constantly helping others with their business, sharing bog posts, sharing videos, sharing emails….oh my! In the past 10 days my car has broken down and I’ve had to wait all day for a tow truck b/c none of them had the equipment to help me, I got slammed with a hefty repair bill, my son was getting in trouble at school, I was scheduled for 4 interviews to promote my business/ events, family showed up for a surprise extended visit…. all this and work can’t stop! Can you relate? HOLLER IF YOU HEAR ME!!! lol If you have missed my blog posts or video blogs.. don’t fret! I WILL BE BACK!!!

Take time to breathe, relax, slow down, kick up your feet, go to dinner, GO TO BED! If you can’t commit to doing this often at least commit to joining me today in having a big WOOOO SAAAA moment! Promise?

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