It’s Pruning Season

It is that time of the year when the leaves fall and the trees look bare and not so pleasant anymore. However when the seasons change again after the new year, the trees come back greener and even stronger. The entire time the tree was perceived as “ugly” it was preparing for new leaves, a fresh look and a new season. Are you ready to drop some leaves and get ready for a new season?

I know I typically talk/write about business, business, business, but today I am going to take a different route and get a little personal. I hope that is ok with you ūüôā I am in no way a life coach, a therapist or anything even closely related. However as an Entrepreneur Educator, Consultant and Attorney I have seen it all when it comes to business. I tell people all the time that I see the good, the bad and the ugly of business!

One thing that I have seen consistently is that when an entrepreneur gets impatient or feels frustration in their season in life and in business they lose confidence. Maintaining confidence is key for an entrepreneur.

Here are 3 tips for my rockstar entrepreneurs to keep their confidence high & hang on through the “ugly” season:

Remain Grateful: Things may look grim in life and in business, but hang on to the good thoughts. Make a list of all your accomplishments large and small. Reflect on them daily and remember how you were able to achieve them. In addition be excited and proud of yourself for your accomplishments! Way to Go!!! (Insert virtual high five here)

Let Go: Make a list of what causes you stress in your business as well as your personal life. Whatever is on that list that you can eliminate or delegate do it ASAP! This does not apply to things like paying bills, caring for children and showering!

Same Goal; New Plan: Things may not be going the way that you would like. That does not always mean that it is time to throw in the towel. Now may be a good time to reorganize your ideas and restrategize your efforts. You may need the help of a mentor, consultant or just a great friend with amazing insight in the area which you are having difficulty. Having someone on the outside looking in with a fresh set of eyes can bring you to new levels of success. Your goal is likely driven by your passion. Don’t let go of your passion, just go in full speed and attack it from a different angle! ¬†POW! BAM! BOOM!

Even if you are not in an “ugly” season which of these 3 techniques can you improve or implement TODAY? I’d love to know!¬†Comment below.¬†

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