Considering a Consultant? 5 Ways to Recognize a Fraud


If you are like many entrepreneurs you have the best ideas but you just can’t properly execute them. You have 10 different profitable ideas, but the thought of which you should launch first gives you a headache. You know your product but have no idea how to place it in the marketplace.

If you experience these things you may need outside help. You are a smart cookie; you already know that it takes a team to really make your venture work optimally. You may have considered hiring a business coach or a business consultant. The marketplace is so noisy isn’t it? There are so many people that have the coach or consultant title, but they are selling others false hope and “pipe dreams”.

I see so many people fall for the “okey doke” and get taken advantage of. It is unfortunate. I don’t want you to fall for the ole banana in a tailpipe tactics. If you are considering enlisting the help of a professional, I suggest that you keep these 5 tips in mind:

Experience: Does the person that you are considering have relevant business experience? They may have an MBA or other certifications, but have they LIVED it?! They may have read about it in a book, but have they experienced it? Even if they have a business that did not work- that still counts as experience. They can tell you what NOT to do.

Knowledgeable: So you are on their newsletter list and they drop some serious knowledge nuggets every week. You feel like they are talking to you directly with each and every read! This may sound super negative, but how do you know they wrote it? These days there are ghost writers, hired content writers and that handy dandy cut and paste technique. I would advise checking them out on a live stream such as Periscope. On Periscope you can interact with them. Ask them questions live and be sure they can answer them on the spot.

Educator not Motivator: In today’s society we all need a bit of motivation. We need a dose of something to keep us going. However I do not want to pay for motivation for my business. Motivation gives you the warm and fuzzes for a few hours. However it does not teach you anything new nor does it show you how to execute. I will settle for paying someone to educate me and subscribing to Joyce Meyer’s, Joel Olsteen, TD Jakes, etc emails to motivate me for F-R-E-E!!

Testimonials: Does this candidate have testimonials. I mean REAL people. Sadly, nowadays we can buy ANYTHING! I prefer to see testimonials with pics and actual websites that belong to the person providing the testimonial. Video testimonials are even better.

Likable: So you have been stalking this candidate on social media. You NEVER miss a new product or service this person is offering. You can’t wait to see what’s next from them. You are finally ready to work one on one with this person. Luckily before submitting payment you decide to give them a call or schedule a meeting. DIS.AS.TER! That bubbly, caring, super down to earth person you “know” from social media is actually a grumpy, boring,stale person. Who wants to work with that?!?! Interview this person like you would interview someone to work for your company..well they are actually. Do not work with someone you do not like. You will regret every meeting or call with them.

I hope this helps you on your search for the perfect coach/consultant. How do you feel about this list? Agree or disagree? Let me know below.

4 thoughts on “Considering a Consultant? 5 Ways to Recognize a Fraud

  1. Brandy Woods

    This is a great post. I recently had this discussion with my Mastermind. People are giving their hard earned money for a dream. However, we have to make sure we interview our consultants, check their work and references.

    As a consultant, I am never offend when people vet me!

    Ask questions, see proof and write the check!


    1. MompreneurEsq Post author

      YES! I love it..see proof and write the check! I like the investigation also. It would make me question the client if they failed to investigate. Due diligence 🙂 Thanks for sharing


  2. Misha N. Granado, MPH, MS

    Awesome points! I remember when I was in the market for a PR consultant. I met with one woman who was quite popular socially and who I had crossed paths with on a few occasions. Each time she spoke, she spoke highly of her ability to place her clients. When I met with her to inquire about her services and to tell her more about my business she cut me off and said, ‘Ummm, all I need to know is you work with relationships. I have other clients who do the same thing and I have put them here here blah blah blah.’

    It became quite clear she was not a good fit for me. My business is about relationships and I know a great PR is only as good as their relationships. Therefore how can one promote me if they did not take the time to get to know me or how my business is different? This aligns perfectly with your Tip #5. Great info!


    1. MompreneurEsq Post author

      EXACTLY! I am sure that she was a good fit for someone, but not you! You have to know yourself, your business and your goals in order to know if the fit is right. thanks for sharing!



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