My Christmas Testimony




This year Christmas is extra special to me. Mainly because last Christmas was such an eye opening experience for me. Last Christmas was especially a rough time for me. Earlier that year I walked away from a business that I had invested over 150k of my personal savings into. I had other ventures I was engaged in, but nothing that was bringing me enough of an income.

That Christmas I was rebuilding both mentally and financially. I felt so bad b/c I couldn’t buy my kids much for Christmas. Fortunately every year their dad sends them wrapped gifts to open for Christmas so they had gifts to open. I know that Christmas is not about the gifts, but it really hurt me. As a mother that has always provided for my boys it was a tough pill to swallow.

Fast forward one year later and I have recouped the money I lost plus. This year we went shopping for a Christmas tree. My boys love real trees. I let them pick whatever tree they wanted. I did not look at tags. They picked this ridiculously large tree that I don’t like lol. This year I had to stop myself from buying so many gifts for them. I want to make them happy not overly spoil them.

I feel so incredibly blessed today and EVERYDAY. The gifts are not the blessing. The blessings are my children and the fact that God has provided for me. God’s grace and mercy is the blessing that allowed me to rebuild, recoup and mentally recover. At the end of it all I learned a few lessons:

  1. It was only money that I lost. Money comes and money goes. Although we all need money to survive- to buy food, have shelter, etc. it is with the right mindset and tenacity that you can always get money back. There are so many other things in life that can’t ever be replaced.
  2. Depend on Yourself. I decided to finally package and sell my gifts and talents. I had businesses before in which I did not have the passion that I should have had. When the passion fades so does the business! I have a gift and a passion for building and growing businesses. People asked me for my advice all the time. As a person that has always been obsessed with branding and marketing, that built a multiple six figure brand previously, I started branding myself and marketing my knowledge. No one can ever take knowledge way from you. No matter how emotionally broken you become, how many bad situations you experience, not matter how many bones you can always make money if you can sell KNOWLEDGE.
  3. The bounce back is always stronger. Life is full of ups and downs. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. Things will not always be great and things will not always be bad. What matters is how you bounce back. I have been without before and each time it has made for a better story. A story of lessons, growth and faith. I have come out of each of these situations in a better position. However you must have rain to get the rainbow!

If you’re down this Christmas or if this Christmas (or any other day) is not going the way you want. Just know that you have the ability to change it all. You are in total control of your destiny! Keep the faith. Keep pushing.

Merry Christmas,


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