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My Top 4 2015 Business Lessons

the year of execution

It is officially a new year! It is time for new experiences, new lessons and a new start for your success. Even if you are already successful I am sure you don’t want to become stagnant, right? You are an entrepreneur. I know how your brain is set up! You know that stagnant is soooo out of style. It doesn’t match anything in your closet!

I have so many new things up my sleeve for 2016. I have been spending all week on my plans for execution. I’M READY! Are you? If you want a good start don’t forget about my webinar on Monday.

In addition to the webinar tips I’d like to share with you my Top 5 Lessons From 2015. 2015 has been an incredible year for me. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and my success.

  1. Take Care of Your Personal Life. Earlier this year I went through a very emotional and traumatic break up with a guy I had been seeing for awhile. As a single mother and 8 year divorcee I thought I had finally found “the one” for both me and my boys. Things crumbled and my business suffered. It suffered because I was sad, hurt, disappointed and angry all at the same time. I couldn’t focus, I did not want to do anything or really talk to anyone. After a couple of months I noticed a significant decrease in my income. YIKES! My personal life was MESSING WITH MY MONEY!! That wasn’t going to work. I dealt with my feelings, forgave, prayed and let it go.  Often times if one does not deal with things that are going on in their personal life it can bleed over into the professional life. After I dealt with my feelings I poured my energy back into my business and thankfully recovered.
  2. Get out and introduce yourself. My business in primarily online. Many of my clients do not live in the same city or even the same state as I do. As I jumped into yet another venture earlier this year as a business radio studio owner and host I met many people. Many of them have introduced me to other people that may have needed my services or were good candidates to collaborate. Either way it increased my exposure and my bank account! Even if your business is primarily online get off the computer and get to meeting some new people.
  3. Invest.Invest.Invest. When I started this journey it really was not my intention for it to really be a business. I’ve owned multiple businesses and was often asked about how to create them, sustain and soar. I eventually decided to just package all the info and sell it to strangers! It worked, but I did not have a strategy. I had no idea how to be a consultant or even what a consultant really did to be quite honest. Once I got more clarity on exactly what I wanted to offer I realized that it still was not enough. I knew a ton of information about business, but I still needed help. Just like years ago when I went through my divorce. I was a well-known divorce attorney but still hired an attorney to help me with my case. When you are “in it” you may not know what to do. I invested in programs, one on one consulting, interns and team members, marketing and my newest investment this week– a publicist. If you are not willing to invest then you are not willing to grow! Initially I had no idea how I was going to make the payments for what/who I needed, but I MADE it work. Knowing that I had people to pay made me work even harder.
  4. Stay in Your Lane.  Ok, I’m guilty! I was once one of those people that checked out my “competition”. I’d lurk on their social media, check out their webinars, etc. Yes, so embarrassing to admit! LOL I would get so frustrated when I learned that they were full of FLUFF, barely providing valuable information and charging more than me and GETTING PAID. However once I realized that there really is no competition is when my mood shifted. Not only did my mood get better, but so did my income. It’s not about them and what they are doing. I am Lenise and they are who they are. Their story is different from mine, their information may be different from mine, their pricing may be different. However remaining consistent in what I do would bring my ideal clients to me.  It happened. My inbox was flooded and my phone was ringing. The people that called all had the same statement. They would say, “I’ve been following you and what you do for over a year and I am now ready to work with you.” Some of them were a year, some a few months…regardless of the time they were watching and I was consistent. Stay in your lane and worry about what you are doing, the value you are producing and the changes you want to implement in the lives of others.

As always I am hopeful that you can learn from my victories as well as my tribulations. I am excited to implement the lessons I have learned. I can’t wait to hear your 2016 success story!

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Business Blessings,