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The Most Important Factor in Your Marketing Plan


Marketing is a very important part of your business. I would go as far as to say that it is crucial. If you have a great product, but no one knows about it you won’t make much money! You must market. However, you must do it the right way. I have noticed that many people forget about one key component. They focus on the wrong aspect of marketing.

 So here are three keys to your marketing plan and what I feel is the most important:

  1. Leads: The first part of marketing is getting new leads. Leads, leads, leads. You want to get as many leads as you can because the more leads you get, the more potential clients you have and the more potential clients you get, the more clients you have. Potential clients turn into clients. Here is an example. If you are in the online sector you will need about 1,000 leads to generate ONE SALE! So, how are you going to attract people to your business? How are you getting the leads?

  2. Experiences: What type of experiences are you going to create for your customers? Give them a great experience. WOW them! Even though you make think your idea or business is original, you are most likely not the only person doing what you are doing. The customer can choose you or 25 others in the same industry. Therefore, it’s essential to create an experience for your clients that will have people walking away from your services raving about you and your business!

  3. Current Customers: How are you going to appreciate your current clients/loyal customers? These are the people who are currently using and enjoying your services. They are the people that are going to be able to provide word of mouth marketing for you, telling their friends how much they enjoyed your services. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!

Most people focus on number 1 and not number 3… The majority of people lose money in the long run by not focusing on developing and nurturing relationships with current clients. When you spend all your time on number 1, the people in the third category  3 are getting left out. So, how are you going to ‘wow’ them? How are going to go above and beyond to nurture and appreciate your current customers?

The existing customers will be the walking mouthpiece for your business. They will tell a friend that will tell a friend that will tell a friend.People tend to trust a direct referral before they trust a stranger in their email inbox! In addition the existing clients can grow to be the most loyal clients. They can be the clients that support you and hire you for years to come. Many of your future clients may be your existing clients. Therefore you have to treat them right.

Let me know below how you will nurture your existing clients.


3 Reasons Why I Prefer Personal Brand vs.Business Branding



Often I am asked by entrepreneurs whether they should focus on branding their business or branding themselves. A personal brand is typically a business that is built around a person and their name. A business brand is an identity (fictitious or not) that is created for a business. It promotes the brand name of the business as opposed the the specific talents/expertise of the owner of the brand.

Many think that personal branding is only for actors, artists and those that want to be famous. Guess what? It’s not! Personal branding  is for those who wish to improve their career, climb the social ladder and improve the brand equity along the way. Personal branding is also critically important for leadership.

Business branding may be preferred by some. There are many companies that do very well without their founder having a strong personal brand. It is definitely not a requirement.  Many purchase products simply because they like them and what the company is all about without knowing anything about the face behind the business.

However, I see so much earning potential behind creating a personal brand. It is a method that has worked for me and countless clients. It is a method that helps entrepreneurs create multiple streams of income through product endorsements, their own products, services, public speaking, personal seminars, books and more.

Here are three reasons why I prefer creating a personal brand over a business brand:

1. Never Run Out of Customers: Yes, the customers know that you exist. They know that SOMEONE created this business. They know that someone is behind that logo. If people are raging fans of your product/services they can also become raving fans of YOU as an individual. That allows you to build an audience that will support your new endeavors such as writing a book, public speaking, a clothing line, a new enterprise you want to start, etc.

2. Your Business May Change: As you learn more in your business and expound you may change your mind about some things. You may decide that you no longer want to offer a particular service, product, etc. One of the things I like about your using own name & creating a personal brand is just that: you can evolve with it.  You’ll learn new things, start new companies or websites. And when you do, why would you want to leave all the amazing work ,followers, readership behind? Creating a business brand makes it difficult for a business owner to evolve into doing new things under the business brand.

3. Builds Loyalty: When you work on creating a personal brand you are choosing to show others parts of your life and/or your personality. Building a personal brand encourages you to become transparent about some things in your life and/or your business. This transparency and the sharing allows people to personally connect with you. More and more people want to do business with people..with PERSONALITIES not large businesses. Once a consumer feels that connection with you, your journey and your story they will feel that you are the only person in your particular industry that can solve their problem. Allow people to know you and to like you. That will eventually build the trust. The trust will lead to them referring others and much more loyalty to your business.

In conclusion personal branding has its pros and cons. One “con” you may have to face through personal branding is criticism. When you brand yourself as opposed to your business you will be looked at with much more scrutiny. People watch your every move very closely and your privacy may take a hit. In addition, if you make a mistake you will have to answer tough questions and bail yourself out. I think we all learned this through Tiger Woods.

Business brands are less likely to fall under the microscope and can rebound more easily from negative publicity because the relationship with their followers is less personal.

I’d love to help you with building a personal brand. Check out my new book. It can help you on your journey! Click here  to order your copy. To learn more about me and what I offer visit


3 Reasons to Get Active About Passive Income


Passive Income. Residual Income. Additional Income Source. As it relates to wealth building I am sure you’ve heard mention of one or all of these terms. They all essentially mean and offer the same thing. They’re all are income that is made when one is not actively involved. They all offer FREEDOM/INDEPENDENCE.

This type of income does at times have some (or lots) of work upfront. Some opportunities may also call for an investment. Despite the contribution you may find that it is the best investment of your time and/or money.

Here are  3 reasons why I am a huge proponent of people, especially women, creating residual income.

  1. Independence: I practiced family/divorce law for many years. I saw many woman that were facing divorce and the possibility of losing it all. I have represented wives that spent most of their lives ensuring that the needs of their spouse were met. At some point the love was lost and many women found themselves having to stay in these unhealthy marriages. They felt as though they had to stay simply because they did not have the financial means to move on. Having residual income could have been the solution. I am not encouraging anyone to build residual income for the purpose of leaving a marriage.. Build the income to take a great vacation with hubby or create a savings with (or without if that is your choice) your hubby.
  2. Security: I am sure you have heard many fears that Social Security may not be available when you are ready to retire. You may have also heard reports of many losing their 401k savings in the stock market. You may have been or know someone that has been part of a surprise layoff from work. There are so many things that can happen and/or go wrong 20 or even 10 years from now. Create a little security for yourself by obtaining a residual income and saving every penny. It would be money that you will not have to depend on an employer or the government to provide for you. Nothing is guaranteed; so why not depend on yourself.
  3. Freedom: An estimated 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. These are not just people that are paid low salaries. There are many that make 75k or more and are still living paycheck to paycheck. Why? Because the majority of people are over spenders. Having a residual income and cutting down on unnecessary expenses can be the key to helping families have more financial freedom and less stress. Having a disposable income will allow more freedom to travel, to take a day off from work and to ultimately spend more time with your family.

Residual Income can eventually replace and possibly exceed the income paid from a 9-5 gig. To create this income you can become an investor in a business, become an affiliate salesperson for a company you admire or you can start your own business. Here  are a few tips I shared to help start a business with very little money.

Comment below whether you are a business owner or a 9-5’er  and let me know what project you will begin to earn a new stream of income.