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What Kobe Bryant’s Retirement Teaches Us about Business


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Last night, April 14, 2016, was Kobe Bryant’s last game in the NBA.  After 20 years he has made the decision to retire. Kobe has had an amazing career. It has been filled with ups and downs and even a little scandal. His career in the NBA teaches us a lot about business.

  1. He Has Motivated Many: Kobe Bryant has motivated many, both young and old. He has shown us that with a dream, passion, hard work and dedication we can achieve our goals. As a child Kobe loved basketball and played all the time. He had a passion for the game and became dedicated to perfecting his game. Although he was simply following his heart and doing something he loved his passion ignited something in others. That is what entrepreneurs should strive to do in their business. They should strive to naturally serve people through their own gifts and talents. Even when Kobe was not getting paid to pay basketball he was still on the court giving it his all. A business should be just that..something that is loved so much and has an impact on others that would be done for FREE! If you are making an impact and changing lives you are LIVING!
  2. He Played Through Adversity: Countless times we would see Kobe limp off the court from an injury. Kobe would sit down and rest and hop right back up. He played injured because he knew his team needed him. Many days I do not feel like working. I may not feel like getting on Periscope and sharing tips. I may not feel like typing a blog. I may not really be in the best mood before I talk to a client. It happens. However, as entrepreneurs we have to realize the goal. The goal is to have an impact whether we feel up to it or not. Our clients and/or our audience is just like Kobe’s teammates…they are depending on your help to get them through. Don’t let your teammates down! Will it be hard? YES! Will it be worth it? YES?
  3. He Did not Let a Little Scandal Shut Him Down: Kobe admits that he had a moment of indiscretion in  a hotel room in Colorado some years ago. During that time reporters had a field day! Articles were written about Kobe, bad things were said about him, news reports reported about him and his family. Everyone knew the details! Despite what people said about him and how they judged his character, Kobe kept going! Kobe did not allow those things to affect him. He remained strong and continued to offer his talents and his expertise to the NBA. Often as entrepreneurs, especially those that build personal brands, a little more scrutiny is applied to the things that are done. Those with personal brands lose a bit of privacy. However it comes with the territory. Entrepreneurs cannot be mentally affected by what others have to say about their actions.

Many people are Kobe fans and just as many are not. Love him or hate him he has left a mark on the NBA. He gave it his all even until the very end by scoring a whopping 60 points in the last game of his career. Will you leave a mark like this in your industry? Are you motivating, playing thorough injuries and continuing to push no matter what? In which area can you improve?  Comment below.

Puzzled Why You Can’t Get The Sales?


If you are spinning your wheels on how to reach more people and make a sale your business may be STUCK! Being stuck means that you are missing out on money for one simple reason… you may not have a tribe!

Beyonce has the Bey Hive. Tamar Braxton has the Tamartians. What or who does your brand have? Creating a tribe can be the one component your brand is missing.

A tribe (also called a brand community) is a group of people that absolutely love your personality, love what you do and BUY what you offer. They are raving fans that know you (and only you) are the perfect person in your industry that can solve their problem.

Many entrepreneurs focus on creating or selling amazing products and services. They perfect the products, presentation, etc., but they fail to focus on to whom they will sell this merchandise/ service. It’s great to have great products and services, but if no one knows it exists what is the point?

For those with an online presence (which should be EVERY entrepreneur) it is easiest to create this tribe online. The tribe can be in the form of a private Facebook group or some other online platform. This tribe is a group of targeted people that are all your ideal client/customers.

Here are two benefits of creating and nurturing a tribe:

  1. They become mini marketers: If you get one person to like you and become a fan they will likely join your group/tribe. The best part about it is that they tell a friend that will tell a friend and so on. They may all join your tribe and your tribe grows! Not only that, the community gives these fans a platform to rave about you and any products or services that you may be offering. In addition if they have worked with you or know you personally you have created a platform for them to give testimonials ALL DAY long. What does that do? It triggers others that are in the group, but not sold 100% ,the opportunity to read and hear great things about you. That may be just what they needed so that they can purchase something or tell another person about you.
  2. You do not have to sell: The benefit of creating a personal brand is that people grow to like not only just your products and services, but also they grow to like you. Once you have gained their attention, they like you and you consistently add value you will never have to sell again. Your tribe will be waiting for you to release something so that they can  buy it. Once you have worked on loving the people in your community you will not have to search and work as hard to gain new people. Focus on providing value and service to this tribe and the money will follow soon thereafter.

Shift your focus to developing a solid group of people that will remain loyal members of your tribe. It is essential to your success. I am hosting a live webinar on Wednesday night at 10 pm ET. the focus of the webinar will be how you can easily create a tribe that buys! There are a few steps to having a successful tribe and I am sharing them all. I will share how I grew a private Facebook group of over 1,000 people in just a few months. JOIN ME!

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Why My Hairstylist Impressed Me Today..and Not Because go My Hair


Yes!! My hair stylist is pretty amaze balls! She impresses me every 2 weeks when I walk away from her styling chair. I walk out each time with my hair on fleek 🙂 and feeling gorge! Today after she whipped off the styling cape and turned my chair around to face the mirror, it was no different. Yep, she did yet another amazing job. Compliments followed from strangers from the time that I stepped up from her seat until I got into my car. As usual I felt pretty darn amazing. However my stylist was the extra amazing one today.

My stylist is a sought out stylist here in Atlanta.  You can see her making many socialites and television stars glamorous on a regular basis. Today a very well-known celebrity called her and requested that she do her hair today at noon.She offered to pay my stylist for her services and also reimburse her the money she would lose due to canceling her  appointments today. I looked at my watch as she was doing my hair and telling me this story. It was 11:45pm. She was doing MY hair instead of racing to get to this celebrity. It made me smile.

“That person is a one time service,” she said. “I did her hair 2 years ago and have not heard from her since then. My clients that come to me every week or every two weeks are more important to me than snapping a pic with a celebrity after I have done her hair.”

That impressed me more than any curl or color or fantastic cut she has provided. It was not only her loyalty that was impressive; it was also her mature business sense that put a smile on my face. Here are two reasons this made me smile:

Respect. She recognized the fact that her skill set should be valued and respected. It should be acknowledged by others by simply respecting her time and her clients. Her work is good. When people want her to do their hair, they schedule an appointment. Since arrangements were not made in advance, my stylist was not willing to push others to the side. This stylist already has established herself in this industry. She is not someone brand new that is seeking opportunities to “make it” in the hair industry. She’s already done that.

Saying “no” allows others to gain more respect for you and your expertise/talents. If this celebrity really wants this stylist to do her hair ever again I bet she will arrange it ahead of time.  Know your worth. You can demand respect without being a   *itch!

Money. My stylist recognized the fact that she has clients that pay her faithfully every week or every two weeks. Although the celebrity would have compensated her for the money she would have lost today, the money would not be enough. The money would not repair her relationship with clients that were depending on her today. That one decision to cancel her appointments today would could have been detrimental to her clientele. Some may have felt pushed to the side. It may have caused some to no longer want to do business with her. Once that happens and she develops a reputation for pushing clients to the side for celebrities which causes her to lose money. It’s just not worth it.

In business you can not think about the temporary gain. You must focus on the bigger picture. Will the notoriety you are seeking today have a negative impact your business tomorrow? In making decisions that affect your personal brand consider the implications it will have next week, next month and even next year.

What are your thoughts? What would you have done if you were this stylist?