What Kobe Bryant’s Retirement Teaches Us about Business


photo from basketballwallpaper.com

Last night, April 14, 2016, was Kobe Bryant’s last game in the NBA.  After 20 years he has made the decision to retire. Kobe has had an amazing career. It has been filled with ups and downs and even a little scandal. His career in the NBA teaches us a lot about business.

  1. He Has Motivated Many: Kobe Bryant has motivated many, both young and old. He has shown us that with a dream, passion, hard work and dedication we can achieve our goals. As a child Kobe loved basketball and played all the time. He had a passion for the game and became dedicated to perfecting his game. Although he was simply following his heart and doing something he loved his passion ignited something in others. That is what entrepreneurs should strive to do in their business. They should strive to naturally serve people through their own gifts and talents. Even when Kobe was not getting paid to pay basketball he was still on the court giving it his all. A business should be just that..something that is loved so much and has an impact on others that would be done for FREE! If you are making an impact and changing lives you are LIVING!
  2. He Played Through Adversity: Countless times we would see Kobe limp off the court from an injury. Kobe would sit down and rest and hop right back up. He played injured because he knew his team needed him. Many days I do not feel like working. I may not feel like getting on Periscope and sharing tips. I may not feel like typing a blog. I may not really be in the best mood before I talk to a client. It happens. However, as entrepreneurs we have to realize the goal. The goal is to have an impact whether we feel up to it or not. Our clients and/or our audience is just like Kobe’s teammates…they are depending on your help to get them through. Don’t let your teammates down! Will it be hard? YES! Will it be worth it? YES?
  3. He Did not Let a Little Scandal Shut Him Down: Kobe admits that he had a moment of indiscretion in  a hotel room in Colorado some years ago. During that time reporters had a field day! Articles were written about Kobe, bad things were said about him, news reports reported about him and his family. Everyone knew the details! Despite what people said about him and how they judged his character, Kobe kept going! Kobe did not allow those things to affect him. He remained strong and continued to offer his talents and his expertise to the NBA. Often as entrepreneurs, especially those that build personal brands, a little more scrutiny is applied to the things that are done. Those with personal brands lose a bit of privacy. However it comes with the territory. Entrepreneurs cannot be mentally affected by what others have to say about their actions.

Many people are Kobe fans and just as many are not. Love him or hate him he has left a mark on the NBA. He gave it his all even until the very end by scoring a whopping 60 points in the last game of his career. Will you leave a mark like this in your industry? Are you motivating, playing thorough injuries and continuing to push no matter what? In which area can you improve?  Comment below.

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