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Create an Experience Not a Business

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Anyone with a service or a product can have a business. The question is are you capable of not only providing a great product or service, but also creating an experience?

Let’s be honest right now. Whatever it is that you are offering, regardless of how new and innovative you think it may be, someone else somewhere is doing the same thing. That does not mean that you should be discouraged. Do not let anyone tell you that you market is too saturated. Your product or service may not stand out, but by creating an experience for your consumers you can easily stand apart.

If you want to stand out and ultimately generate a substantial income, creating this experience is a MUST.  Remember, they can go anywhere to get whatever it is that you are offering. What will make them come to you over and over again?

Here are 5 Tips to Creating an Experience:

  1. Branding: Branding is a lot like ensuring that you have the right bait when you go fishing. You know what type of fish you want to catch so you are sure to get the right bait to attract that fish. You have to do the same thing for your potential consumer. Have graphics, content, the right look, etc that attracts the “right” person. If you do it properly, once they find you they will feel like you are the one they have been looking for all their life.
  2. Strategic Marketing Plan: So you caught you potential consumers eye. They like what they see. Here is the must REMAIN on their  mind. You have to continuously dangle that bait that you KNOW they want in the fish’s face for awhile. Sooner or later they will bite. They may not be ready for you or your product right at this moment. What type of creative marketing are you going to do and when exactly will you implement to ensure that you stay at the top of their mind? It is essential.
  3. Great Product/ Service: That one is pretty obvious, right? Well to some it is not! You had the perfect bait, hung it from the proper rod and dangled it, the fish went for the bait but it was TERRIBLE. That’s not good. Your product/ service has to be top notch, creme de la creme, Grade A…you get the point… lol. It must be good stuff! If it is not good the consumer will be upset about their purchase. If they become upset they will tell a friend, that will tell a friend…and so on and so on. It is easier to maintain loyal customers as opposed to getting new ones. The new ones are nice; but the loyal ones are the best marketers 🙂
  4. Systems/Strategies: Having systems in place for everything helps create experiences. For example, if you have an intake process that goes seamless. It gives your potential consumer the feeling that you are serious about your business. It puts the consumer at ease. Having a system for follow-ups, for product returns, taking messages and returning calls….everything! The more systems you have the more organized you can be. That leaves less room for error.
  5. Customer Service: Every once in awhile something may fall through the cracks. Someone may not follow your system or you may just have a difficult customer/client. How will you handle a situation gone wrong? The way you make a consumer feel after a bad experience is important. Even if the customer is wrong you may want to pick your battles. Sometimes “battling” just is not worth it. Don’t leave a bad taste in their mouth. Handle the person the way you would want to be handled. It doesn’t always work because some will just never ever in life be happy! Just remember not everyone is reasonable (and sane!)

Creating this experience from the beginning to the end will help you build a loyal customer base and ultimately earn more money. That will happen ONLY if you remain CONSISTENT! Consistency is key, friends.

There it is. All laid out. No need to rebuild the wheel. I promise it works!

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