Four Tips For Business Domination


All entrepreneurs want it. We want to KILL IT in our industry. We want to provide a service or product that is aligned with what we love and earn money…lots of it. In the beginning it all seems so possible; the potential is limitless. But then it happens. Everything gets crazy, we get overwhelmed, sales decrease, the bank account gets lower and lower and the desire to quit sinks in.

Here are a four tips to help you get beyond the frustration and back to the optimistic eager entrepreneur you once were.

  1. Redetermine the Who and What are You Serving: Be sure that you have clearly identified exactly  what you are doing or for whom you are doing it. Are you really solving a problem? I call it being a Tylenol. Are you the effectively providing pain relief for someone’s headache? This is important! If you are not solving a real problem for people that really need it, your business is doomed! Maybe it has changed since you began. Reevaluate.
  2. Plan: Have you been planning or just winging it? Winging it may work for awhile, but in order to have longevity you must PLAN. You must know when you will offer something new, how you will launch it, how you will market, when you should have sales, etc. Failing to implement a real plan for everything that you do will put you in the position to constantly waste your time. It is great to be busy, but are you broke and busy? Broke and busy is just a waste of everyone’s time and energy. Get a plan. Use your time effectively.
  3. Who is on You Team? Have you been trying to get every single thing done yourself? Doing your own graphics, your own legal filings, your own marketing, your own dishes and laundry? You can’t do it all, honey! You are just one person. Is there anything you can delegate? Can you swing $100 per month for someone to take care of household chores so you can focus on your business? Can you find someone with more knowledge than you to handle your accounting or legal or websites? You may not have it in your budget, but you may need to create a budget for it. Cut out those trips to Starbucks and that swanky restaurant! Working in your business all the time is not a good use of your talents. Maybe you need sales associates, affiliate marketers, a marketing intern…whomever you need figure it out. Figure it out quickly, my friend!
  4. Knowledge: This one quite frankly should have been FIRST. I meet so many entrepreneurs that just want to be creative and provide their service without having to run a business. Sound familiar? As an attorney I met so many other attorneys that just wanted to be in the courtroom and do research. They weren’t interested in drumming up new business, making sure their taxes were done properly, creating systems for their clients, etc. They just wanted to be a lawyer..nothing else. There are so many professionals like this. The reality is that if you want to be self employed you HAVE to know something about business (or have someone on your team that does). You will go broke thinking that your talent is enough to make you rich.

Knowledge is power. You’ve heard that before I am sure! Business Consultants provide this type of knowledge to their clients. They guide their clients through the dark to that bright place called SUCCESS! As a new or possible struggling or stuck entrepreneur it may not be in your budget to hire someone like me or any of the other consultants out there.

I created a program for those in that exact position. The program is called Business Domination Binder.  The program is in the BETA stage so it is only being offered to ten participants. As of now, I have 3 more available. The program is a self study kit that includes Goal Sheets, my two books (31 Day Brand and She Conquered), four 60 minute audio discs, a 3 inch binder full of just about everything in my brain with worksheets, 7 unit module PLUS all of my webinars. Yep ALL OF ‘EM!! From learning how to Build a Tribe That Pays, How to Start and Grow an Email List, How to Start Public Speaking, Mastering Instagram and even the most requested Legal Templates necessary for your business.

If you’d like to be a part of the select few to participate in the BETA program and experience this extraordinary program for over 50% off of the upcoming launch program, click here. If you are looking for just about everything you need to build a SOLID lucrative business you have finally found it.



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