5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Attract More Money


Let’s face it. I can blog and fill your inbox every week with business tips, legal tips and more, but if your mindset about earning money is wrong the tips are pointless. Take these steps to work on yourself and your mindset before reading another tip from me.

Here are five ways to attract the money you want and deserve:

  1. Give Yourself a Break: Forgive yourself for possibly wasting or mishandling money in the past. All you can do is the best that you can right now. If you continue to focus on the mistakes you’ve made with money in the past it will prevent you from having good future with money. Now is the opportunity to do things differently. Congrats! You get another chance to get it right.
  2. Tap into Your Subconscious Mind: Maybe it was a belief system that was instilled in you when you were a child that is causing this money blockage. Your parents may have told how how things work and how much you are worth. Guess what? They may have gotten it all wrong! Their unintentional harm may be causing you to have be in a scarcity trance. Today you must break the victim mentality; free your mind and make better decisions.
  3. Do Things From the Heart: I believe that at times it is ok to do things for free. If your heart leads you to do that then do it…in moderation of course. When your mind is free it causes you to do things out of the kindness of your own heart. That comes back to you! Karma is not always a b!tch 🙂
  4. Appreciation: It has been proven that people receive more when they appreciate more. Appreciation allows you to attract more things to which you will be grateful. Appreciation makes you happier, more open and more approachable. Create an appreciation journal!
  5. Know Your Worth: All that training you received, all those certifications, the price you paid for seminars, books, degrees and more. All of that makes you worth so much more than what you may be charing for your services right now. Reevaluate that ASAP!


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