9 Tips to Running Your Business Like a Successful Presidential Campaign


Well, Election Day has come and gone. Despite whether you are happy, sad or indifferent with the results, we have a new president- elect.

This writing is just my observation b/c I compare everything to business! It is not meant to spark a debate or to show support for Trump or Clinton… b/c for the record, I voted but like many I don’t support either 😉 

However, I did have a few takeaways of how principles from this election can help you in your business. Just like business, politics is truly best won when there is a true instance of influence and persuasion.

In business and in politics it is not always about who has the most skill or experience. It is often based on who has the skill to influence and play on your emotions as opposed to your intelligence. Idea, strategy and the ability to have an impact on other’s emotions will get you far. The best marketer and the best strategist will always win any competition!

Here is what you can do in your industry to have “presidential- candidate- like influence”!

 1. Have a clear mission statement and/or catchphrase (Make America Great Again) that resonates with your target audience.

2. Consistently deliver the same statement/ vision (even if at the moment you lack a plan of how to get it done). Consistency is key.

3. Do something (good and even sometimes bad and/or upsurd) that causes media attention. Make people TALK!

4. Remain confident no matter how dismal it may appear. Think BIG. 

5. Use social media to gain attention & a create a true tribe of people that support you and with whom you engage regularly.

6. Show your personality. Be authentic! Some people may like it!

7. Research your “competition” to determine what sets you apart (not corrupt; didn’t delete emails) from your opponent. Use whatever sets you apart to help you gain popularity and trust.

8. Even if your family (members of the Republican Party) stop supporting you believe in yourself to go forward without them.

9. Have a niche audience. Determine exactly to whom you’d like to appeal. Don’t sway. Keep putting out information that speaks directly to them. You will get the majority of that group’s business/ votes as opposed to trying to convince everyone to shop/work/vote with you.

Do this and you too can be president of a successful company or even the United States.


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