About Lenise



I am a mother, Attorney, Business & Leadership Strategist. I work with small to mid-size businesses to develop more profitable brands, effective teams and assure their brand is legally protected.

As an attorney my first business endeavor was as owning and operating a private law practice in which my focus was primarily on domestic law, criminal law and personal injury law. My firm was successful as I am certain that I changed the lives of hundreds of clients. I practiced law full-time with an administrative team for clients, but personally managed my own firm for over ten years. The fulfillment I found in managing the operating, marketing and strategy details of the  firm outweighed my passion for the areas of law in which I practiced. Years ago as I followed my passion and pursued more entrepreneur endeavors, I reduced my law practice in order to focus more on my projects and honing my small business law expertise. I have combined over ten years of entrepreneur experience and my legal expertise to provide top-notch legal consulting and business guidance. My business guidance and legal expertise is not just from things I have learned in seminars or a text book. Although I do have an extensive list of training and degrees, my expertise is also from personal experiences in business. It is my passion to help as many entrepreneurs as possible succeed and live a life of freedom that so often cannot be found in a standard 9am-5pm work environment.

In order to fulfill my goal and passion to aid businesses, I travel evaluating brands, hosting seminars and public speaking. I contract my services with business owners as well as speak to groups of eager thought-leaders at their workplace, at seminars and conferences.

In addition my passion for business is feed as I operate an affilate radio studio for Business Radio X. Business Radio X’s goal is to share the good stories of entrepreneurship. Large media mainly shares negative stories such as layoffs, cutbacks, etc. Business Radio X gives small business owners the platform to share positive things that are happening within their business.

I also provide services to the non profit, Launch Up. Launch Up provides housing and lifestyle coaching services to women that are transitioning from homelessness. I provide the ladies with monthly coaching services to encourage business, leadership skills.

My other full time job is in my home as mommy to Marcus, age 10 and Evan, age 8. My family and I reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

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