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Is It Time to Franchise?


Your business is going well, it’s making money!!! YAY!! Now you are ready to expand?! That is a great feeling. Will you open a second location or will you franchise? Franchising means that someone else will be operating the business, but you own the brand and get a percentage of the sales.

Whether you become a  franchisor or if you decide to open the next location alone it will require a lot of work! Many think that franchising is an easier way to allow someone else to do the hard work, but still have the financial benefits. It’s not so simple! Here are a few things to consider when determining if you indeed are ready to franchise your business:

1. COSTS: Do not underestimate the costs associated with franchising. Although franchising can help your business earn higher revenue, it can also cause you to sink into a huge hole if you are not realistic about the costs. A legal team to ensure your franchise agreement is solid, accounting team to ensure pricing models and potential profit and loss statements are all in your best interest, marketing to ensure that people know about the new locations…the list goes on! Be sure that you cover all aspects of exactly how much this next level will cost you. It may cause you to lose money for awhile…are you prepared for that?

2.  PLAN: You need a plan. Where do you want the franchise locations? What radius will each location cover? Do you want to remain local? Nationwide? Maybe even global? How will you go about doing this? What type and how long will the training be for the franchisees? What type of royalty percentage and franchise fee will you receive? There are so many things to consider and so many elements which require a plan. A poor plan can cost your business a significant amount of money!

3. BE READY TO SAY NO: Regardless of the number of franchisees you have this will always be your brand…aka your baby. You have to protect your baby as you would with any small child. Some may have an interest, but they may not be a good fit. They may have a great location in an area in which you want to expand and have the money to get started. You worked hard to build this brand. The last thing you should ever do is to allow someone to throw money in your face, improperly represent your brand and destroy what you have worked so hard to build.

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Saying GoodBye to Business Coaching

Last Call....-3

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!!!

I hope you are doing well. As for me…I am great. Myself and my business is just going through a slight transition period. Transition indicates change and change can be good! I am excited about all the new things and people that are coming into my life…all confirming that the change is right on time!

I have been wrestling with this for some time. I’ve been praying and had some sleepless nights trying to determine what was best for my business (and ME!) I LOVE what I do…helping others create powerful brands and helping them legally protect them. It makes me so happy! So what’s the issue, Lenise (I bet that was your question…lol) The issue is that I have been working with people one-on-one pouring all that I have into them sometimes allllll day! I’ve had days where I had calls/Skype sessions back to back to back. I am literally tied to my phone/computer all the time.

I am truly a creator at heart. I feel that if I was not tied to my devices all day I can have a greater impact on female entrepreneurs. I can create more digital products, I can write more books, I can speak to more audiences about entrepreneurship. I just might be able to change the world (smile!). I’ve worked with corporate clients such as Home Depot and Zaxby’s chicken franchise and more. I love working exclusively with clients like that where I can be super creative and challenge myself….off the phone 🙂 I want to return to that freedom. 

For this reason I am restructuring my business. The “Lenise Williams” brand will focus more on me as the entrepreneur and my legal expertise. The “Girl Biz Academy” brand has undergone a little restructuring as well. Instead of offering coaching/consulting to the students beginning this month (the final month for my students) Girl Biz Academy will be more of a resource for female entrepreneurs. It will offer digital downloads, books, webinars and more. I have some other things in the works that I will tell you about later 🙂

So when I mentioned this on a recent periscope I got lots of “smack”…lol “I’ve been wanting to work with you, Lenise”; “I was going to sign up for your next round of one on one services.” “Why didn’t you give us warning!“….lol THEY LET ME HAVE IT!!! So in the spirit of compromise I am offering one on one services for a 4 week period with only FIVE people. That is one call Monday-Friday for 4 weeks…I can handle that lol. So it’s the last hoo-raa!!! Don’t say I did not warn

Click here If you are ready to commit to four weeks to develop and implement strategies to increase your profitability then I am ready to commit to it as well. If you have been waiting here is your chance. Unfortunately it’s likely now or never 😦

A BIG SPECIAL thank you to the entrepreneurs that I have worked with one on one over the last few years. It has definitely been an honor and a privilege to see your growth both financially and mentally. I appreciate all of you more than you will ever know. BIG XOXOs

The 1 Reason You Can’t Execute Your Idea

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Do you ever  wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea! You know that this “thing” you have thought of will help sooooo many people and will also put quite a bit of money in your pocket. It’s a win-win! The problem? You fail to execute. Does this only happen to me?

I have about 5 big projects swimming through my brain right now. They didn’t just get there last night. They have actually been in my brain taking up space for quite some time. Some for years.

I know that these things can be great, but the bottom-line is that I have literally been paralyzed. I have not acted, but know that I should. I know what I want to do I just have not done the work. I woke up at 3:00 am this morning not because I had another great idea, but because I was haunted by all the things that I have not done. I felt anxious and also disappointed in myself.

After tossing and turning for what was possibly hours, I realized that I have become the person that I talk about the most. I have become the person that does not want to put in the work. I can blame it on my kids and the fact that I now homeschool. I can blame it on the fact that I work too much already. I can blame it on poor timing. I have never been one for excuses so my recent inaction surprises even myself!

So at some time close to 4 am this morning I asked myself why I have become that “I don’t want to put in the work” person. I thought about it and my answer shocked me. My answer was that I am overwhelmed and probably just really tired!!! Yes… a moment of transparency here! I am overwhelmed with ideas, with my kids schooling, basketball tournaments, with my business, with it all.

I thought more about it. I realized when a person is overwhelmed they don’t act. The mere thought of doing something new, putting in the time and effort becomes something else to add to the huge mound of overwhelm. Just thinking about executing is exhausting! It makes me really just want to take a long nap…lol. Overwhelmed people often are nonproductive people. They aren’t productive because they just don’t know what to do nor where to start.

So instead of outlining how and when I was going to get these things ideas out of my brain I decided to do something else first. Instead I created a list of what I need to do RIGHT NOW to reduce the weight of my plate. I created a timeline to get these” right now” items handled. I also made a list of what I have to delegate….it’s required!

So often we hear people say “get these ideas out of your head before someone else does it.” Here are my thoughts on that: I have about 5 ideas a day. They really just do not stop…lol. If someone happens to do it first I will have anew idea delivered to my brain within hours. It’s just how an entrepreneur’s brain works!

My new thought is this: Yes, get the idea out of your head, but handle the “right now” first. Don’t get so stuck with how you will share these new ideas with the world until you are in a good space to execute. Slow down. Take your time. When you follow that path your execution and the end result will likely be better than you imagined!

Can you possibly be suffering from overwhelm paralysis? Let me know how you will handle it.

Why My Trip To Starbucks Made Me Proud of My Biz!


If you know me then you know I am a serious Starbucks junkie! The baristas at multiple locations in my area know my name, my kids’ names and my favorite drinks. They are like my extended family. LOL

Yesterday’s midday trip to Starbucks was different. It made me smile! I homeschool my two boys so they were with me on my trip to  ‘Bucks drive thru yesterday. It was buy one get one free frappucino happy hour so they were smiling with their vanilla bean blended frozen drink too!

I was smiling because I thought about the freedom I have created for myself and for my boys. The fact that I have them home with me and can be in complete control of their education, their environment and their influences has become very important to me. Especially with the things that go on these days…shhheesh!! We can take vacations in the middle of the week, we can sleep late some days, all three of us can all do our work from the park if we choose.

There is soooo much freedom and flexibility to just LIVE!

We are able to do this because I restructured my business in a way that I can work smarter and not necessarily harder. I have books, programs, courses and more for sale that make money while we sleep or while we sip each and every calorie in a frappucino! It is all set up on autopilot while I take the time to be fully committed to my children. Doing this has allowed me to reduce the number of entrepreneurs I work with one on one so that I can be a better mom….one that is less stressed and not on edge, one with more free time and with more patience. The patience is the one that surprises me the most…lol. Homeschooling has pulled out patience in the most impatient person… ME. lol

Creating your business to work like this is possible regardless of the industry you’re in. Whether you are an online business owner or own a brick and mortar. Even if you are working a 9 to 5!

You are missing out on money and time with your loved ones. Time that you will never,ever get back.

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What Kobe Bryant’s Retirement Teaches Us about Business


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Last night, April 14, 2016, was Kobe Bryant’s last game in the NBA.  After 20 years he has made the decision to retire. Kobe has had an amazing career. It has been filled with ups and downs and even a little scandal. His career in the NBA teaches us a lot about business.

  1. He Has Motivated Many: Kobe Bryant has motivated many, both young and old. He has shown us that with a dream, passion, hard work and dedication we can achieve our goals. As a child Kobe loved basketball and played all the time. He had a passion for the game and became dedicated to perfecting his game. Although he was simply following his heart and doing something he loved his passion ignited something in others. That is what entrepreneurs should strive to do in their business. They should strive to naturally serve people through their own gifts and talents. Even when Kobe was not getting paid to pay basketball he was still on the court giving it his all. A business should be just that..something that is loved so much and has an impact on others that would be done for FREE! If you are making an impact and changing lives you are LIVING!
  2. He Played Through Adversity: Countless times we would see Kobe limp off the court from an injury. Kobe would sit down and rest and hop right back up. He played injured because he knew his team needed him. Many days I do not feel like working. I may not feel like getting on Periscope and sharing tips. I may not feel like typing a blog. I may not really be in the best mood before I talk to a client. It happens. However, as entrepreneurs we have to realize the goal. The goal is to have an impact whether we feel up to it or not. Our clients and/or our audience is just like Kobe’s teammates…they are depending on your help to get them through. Don’t let your teammates down! Will it be hard? YES! Will it be worth it? YES?
  3. He Did not Let a Little Scandal Shut Him Down: Kobe admits that he had a moment of indiscretion in  a hotel room in Colorado some years ago. During that time reporters had a field day! Articles were written about Kobe, bad things were said about him, news reports reported about him and his family. Everyone knew the details! Despite what people said about him and how they judged his character, Kobe kept going! Kobe did not allow those things to affect him. He remained strong and continued to offer his talents and his expertise to the NBA. Often as entrepreneurs, especially those that build personal brands, a little more scrutiny is applied to the things that are done. Those with personal brands lose a bit of privacy. However it comes with the territory. Entrepreneurs cannot be mentally affected by what others have to say about their actions.

Many people are Kobe fans and just as many are not. Love him or hate him he has left a mark on the NBA. He gave it his all even until the very end by scoring a whopping 60 points in the last game of his career. Will you leave a mark like this in your industry? Are you motivating, playing thorough injuries and continuing to push no matter what? In which area can you improve?  Comment below.

Puzzled Why You Can’t Get The Sales?


If you are spinning your wheels on how to reach more people and make a sale your business may be STUCK! Being stuck means that you are missing out on money for one simple reason… you may not have a tribe!

Beyonce has the Bey Hive. Tamar Braxton has the Tamartians. What or who does your brand have? Creating a tribe can be the one component your brand is missing.

A tribe (also called a brand community) is a group of people that absolutely love your personality, love what you do and BUY what you offer. They are raving fans that know you (and only you) are the perfect person in your industry that can solve their problem.

Many entrepreneurs focus on creating or selling amazing products and services. They perfect the products, presentation, etc., but they fail to focus on to whom they will sell this merchandise/ service. It’s great to have great products and services, but if no one knows it exists what is the point?

For those with an online presence (which should be EVERY entrepreneur) it is easiest to create this tribe online. The tribe can be in the form of a private Facebook group or some other online platform. This tribe is a group of targeted people that are all your ideal client/customers.

Here are two benefits of creating and nurturing a tribe:

  1. They become mini marketers: If you get one person to like you and become a fan they will likely join your group/tribe. The best part about it is that they tell a friend that will tell a friend and so on. They may all join your tribe and your tribe grows! Not only that, the community gives these fans a platform to rave about you and any products or services that you may be offering. In addition if they have worked with you or know you personally you have created a platform for them to give testimonials ALL DAY long. What does that do? It triggers others that are in the group, but not sold 100% ,the opportunity to read and hear great things about you. That may be just what they needed so that they can purchase something or tell another person about you.
  2. You do not have to sell: The benefit of creating a personal brand is that people grow to like not only just your products and services, but also they grow to like you. Once you have gained their attention, they like you and you consistently add value you will never have to sell again. Your tribe will be waiting for you to release something so that they can  buy it. Once you have worked on loving the people in your community you will not have to search and work as hard to gain new people. Focus on providing value and service to this tribe and the money will follow soon thereafter.

Shift your focus to developing a solid group of people that will remain loyal members of your tribe. It is essential to your success. I am hosting a live webinar on Wednesday night at 10 pm ET. the focus of the webinar will be how you can easily create a tribe that buys! There are a few steps to having a successful tribe and I am sharing them all. I will share how I grew a private Facebook group of over 1,000 people in just a few months. JOIN ME!

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Why I am UNBOTHERED by the Instagram Rollouts

If you are active on social media then I am sure you have heard about the changes Instagram is rolling out. If you have not you can read more about it here. Basically to sum it all up for you, Instagram is no longer going to display posts to you in chronological order. Even if you follow a particular account that account’s posts will not appear chronologically. Only posts which IG determines you may have an interest will be displayed. If you’ve been on Instagram over the last few days I am sure you saw a post or two (or 50!) requesting that you “turn on notifications” so that you can continue to see the account holder’s posts. If you didn’t know what all that was about now ya’ know! 
Many small business owners that have used Instagram to market their products and services aren’t happy about this change. A petition to stop these changes is actually circulating. To many it means that a large number of their followers will miss out on offers and services that they offer. Although I have used Instagram as a platform I DON’T GIVE A HOOT about the changes!
Here are 3 reason that I am totally unbothered (and you should be too!)
  1. I hashtag and engage with strangers: Hashtags on Instagram are powerful. I use hashtags that my ideal client may use. If they search that particular hashtag they may come across my IG page and realize that I am posting about things for which they also have an interest. In addition I can search those same hashtags and find my ideal client. Once I “find” them I interact with them…I comment on their pics, like their pics, etc. The new rollouts won’t make me stop doing that and it should not stop you either! Social media is about engagement. Keep engaging and you will keep people interested in you and what you are offering.
  2. I don’t want to bother uninterested people: There are people that could have started following you for some reason that they don’t even remember! Maybe they liked your shoes in a particular picture, maybe whatever you have been posting about at one time was their interest, etc. For whatever reason they really just don’t care about what you are posting about anymore. They just haven’t taken that extra step to just unfollow you. They don’t care about your posts and they don’t interact with you on your page. Now they won’t see your posts anymore. GOODbye! Unbothered. You should care why?!?!? lol
  3. I have an email list: Although Instagram was my first platform for marketing my consulting services it was not my only. It should not have been yours. Instagram should be just one weapon in your arsenal; never should it be the only weapon in your  arsenal. My goal for Instagram was to gain such an interest through my posts that the user would feel compelled to check out my website and subscribe to my email list. I’d prefer to interact via email anyway! Once they are on my email list I can send useful content, motivation, offers, etc. Email lists are really where the “magic” happens. Instagram/ Social media should only be the bait!

My advice to you is to let all your Instagram followers know about your email list. Maybe they don’t know that the list exists.  (Pssst…if you do not have one create one like YESTERDAY!) Create a post and let them know that your email list exists and that you have a special offering for those that sign up for the list. Sometimes you just need to tell people what to do. If you don’t tell them they very well may never know.It is only a matter of time before these changes roll out. Therefore you need to get your followers on your email list now!


What Writing a Book Taught Me About Myself


About 2 and a half years ago I said that I wanted to write a book. I did not do it because I thought things like “who would buy my book?” “Do I have time to write a book?” and “What the heck would I write about?”  I watched others in my circle work on their books and experience success as authors. In 2014 I sat down to start the task once again. Many people suggested that I announce the project and sell presell copies. Selling copies would hold me accountable…I would HAVE to produce the product! I sold quite a few presale copies, but guess what? I did not finish it. I refunded the orders and swept the project under the rug once again. At that point I told myself that I was many things, but author was not one of them.

As you know, I sell products online. I sell live and recorded webinars, my Business in a Binder (3 parts) and other programs. I have been pretty successful in selling those products and programs. Earlier this year it hit me: creating these programs and products is not much different than writing a book. Considering all the things I have sat up late at night typing I probably could have written 15 books! Once I realized that I got to work.

I am proud to say that in less than two months my book was complete. Here is where the self-realization started. After I finished the book it took me a long time to finally submit for printing. I had it edited, I read it and reread it and reread to again and again. Moving sentences, changing the order of the chapters….it wouldn’t stop. I had others read it and offer feedback. They all gave me excellent feedback and minimal suggestions. “It’s done, Lenise”, they all said. But I kept tweaking it. I missed deadlines and kept holding the document on my flash drive. Finally I realized that I was the problem. I came to the conclusion that I was scared. But what was I scared of?

I wanted the book to be perfect. I did not want a comma out of place, I sentence fragment. I did not want others to have negative things to say. It had to be perfect. I had paralysis…perfection paralysis. Have you ever had this? I “preach” to others all the time, “JUST DO IT, It will NEVER be perfect! blah, blah, blah…” I laughed at myself and realized I was officially a hypocrite. SMH. At that point I took control of the situation and pressed submit…well after I read it one- more-gen.. LOL.

The lesson I learned was that I must not just talk the talk, I must also walk the walk. Who knows, the book may be a best seller or it may be a total bust. (You can be the judge; order it here!) Either way I would never know unless I actually do it. I think about the words I uttered to a client this morning. I told her, “It is just like a car. If you do not press the gas it will never move. Just press the gas already!” If you are reading this (you know who you are! I won’t call you out…lol) just know that I too have to give myself a pep talk and a slap in the face 🙂


How Homeschooling Improved My Business


Homeschooling? Ummmmm… it’s not for me. I am not an educator, I am quite busy, kids are supposed to be at school and I lack patience. Yes, these were honestly my thoughts. Well, at least until about 3 weeks ago.

I started considering homeschooling my 3rd grader because of a few issues I had with his teachers, administration, his behavior and performance. Let me give you a little background on my little man: as a toddler I started to learn of severe behavior issues at school. The daycare would call me just about every single day because of something he was doing.  Hitting teachers, running away, tearing up work that he did not want to do. Craziness, right?!?!? It was odd because he would not exhibit these behaviors at home. It was pretty bad for YEARS! I was a single mom trying to be the best mom I could, but I was in tears and stressed out every . single . day.

I disciplined him, was always picking him up from the school/daycare midday, it was a nightmare.My family, my ex husband, teachers….everyone pointed the finger at me! I was a bad mom, blah, blah, blah. I had him tested, screened, poked and probed and NOTHING. Psychologists said his IQ was off the charts, he was a sweet boy, there weren’t any issues, he was fine. This went on until 1st grade. My son had an amazing teacher that worked well with him. Second grade same thing; great kid. This year in third grade around Thanksgiving time I had that same child from the toddler years return. Acting out at school once again.

It did not make sense. I know my son has very little self control and a very short fuse. But, what was making this fuse suddenly fire again? After about 2 months of him repeatedly being suspended I started to consider homeschooling. Mostly because he was home a lot anyway and not learning at school. What was really the point of going, right? At least at home I could ensure he was learning. My son’s teacher learned that he may possibly be withdrawing and cheered. Yep, she cheered. My son witnessed her cheer and came home hurt and in tears. At that moment (after I envisioned the perfect fantasy of poking her in her eyes) I decided that he needed to be out. No more considering it as a viable option. It then became the only option. I could not send him to face her again. Nor could I imagine trusting my son with her! It was awful. I am sure when he is 40 he will still remember that day!

I decided to not only withdraw my 3rd grader, but to also withdraw my 5th grader from the same school. I had a very displeasing taste for the entire school at this point. LOL. The day I withdrew them I sat in my car in the parking lot of the school and cried. I have businesses to run, I have meetings to attend, I have stuff to do! How was I going to do this? But here’s the thing…I had to do this. Why? Because as mothers we do what we have to do for our kids. No matter what we make it work.

My kids are more important than a meeting, than hosting a radio show (yep, I walked away from Business Radio X), more important than anything. I have made it work and see such progress. I see so much progress especially in my 3rd grader. He is like a totally different child! In a few short weeks I have helped him catch up on some fundamentals that he missed this year.

I can’t work outside of the house as much and can’t travel like I did, but here is what I learned throughout this ordeal: as entrepreneurs our goal should be to work smarter and not harder. I was working HARD 4 weeks ago before homeschooling caused me to slow down.  However slowing down should not mean that the income has to slow down! On my website I have placed more virtual products and programs for sale, I have launched a book that’s for sale, I have a branding home study kit for sale and more. I have actually made more money this month than last month when I was working HARDER.

As moms we need flexibility. We need to have the option to pull our kids from a school if we feel the education system is not working for them. We need to be able to decide that we are going to take our kids on a trip, but still be able to work from our cell and computer. We deserve to be mobile moguls!

Whether you are a mommy, an aunt, a Godmother or a mom to fur babies, I urge you to take control of your life and stop working so hard. The internet is your friend. Putting your products and services for sale on the internet can be your first step in becoming a mobile mommy mogul!

What steps can you take to work smarter and not harder? Comment below!

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The Most Important Factor in Your Marketing Plan


Marketing is a very important part of your business. I would go as far as to say that it is crucial. If you have a great product, but no one knows about it you won’t make much money! You must market. However, you must do it the right way. I have noticed that many people forget about one key component. They focus on the wrong aspect of marketing.

 So here are three keys to your marketing plan and what I feel is the most important:

  1. Leads: The first part of marketing is getting new leads. Leads, leads, leads. You want to get as many leads as you can because the more leads you get, the more potential clients you have and the more potential clients you get, the more clients you have. Potential clients turn into clients. Here is an example. If you are in the online sector you will need about 1,000 leads to generate ONE SALE! So, how are you going to attract people to your business? How are you getting the leads?

  2. Experiences: What type of experiences are you going to create for your customers? Give them a great experience. WOW them! Even though you make think your idea or business is original, you are most likely not the only person doing what you are doing. The customer can choose you or 25 others in the same industry. Therefore, it’s essential to create an experience for your clients that will have people walking away from your services raving about you and your business!

  3. Current Customers: How are you going to appreciate your current clients/loyal customers? These are the people who are currently using and enjoying your services. They are the people that are going to be able to provide word of mouth marketing for you, telling their friends how much they enjoyed your services. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!

Most people focus on number 1 and not number 3… The majority of people lose money in the long run by not focusing on developing and nurturing relationships with current clients. When you spend all your time on number 1, the people in the third category  3 are getting left out. So, how are you going to ‘wow’ them? How are going to go above and beyond to nurture and appreciate your current customers?

The existing customers will be the walking mouthpiece for your business. They will tell a friend that will tell a friend that will tell a friend.People tend to trust a direct referral before they trust a stranger in their email inbox! In addition the existing clients can grow to be the most loyal clients. They can be the clients that support you and hire you for years to come. Many of your future clients may be your existing clients. Therefore you have to treat them right.

Let me know below how you will nurture your existing clients.