5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Attract More Money


Let’s face it. I can blog and fill your inbox every week with business tips, legal tips and more, but if your mindset about earning money is wrong the tips are pointless. Take these steps to work on yourself and your mindset before reading another tip from me.

Here are five ways to attract the money you want and deserve:

  1. Give Yourself a Break: Forgive yourself for possibly wasting or mishandling money in the past. All you can do is the best that you can right now. If you continue to focus on the mistakes you’ve made with money in the past it will prevent you from having good future with money. Now is the opportunity to do things differently. Congrats! You get another chance to get it right.
  2. Tap into Your Subconscious Mind: Maybe it was a belief system that was instilled in you when you were a child that is causing this money blockage. Your parents may have told how how things work and how much you are worth. Guess what? They may have gotten it all wrong! Their unintentional harm may be causing you to have be in a scarcity trance. Today you must break the victim mentality; free your mind and make better decisions.
  3. Do Things From the Heart: I believe that at times it is ok to do things for free. If your heart leads you to do that then do it…in moderation of course. When your mind is free it causes you to do things out of the kindness of your own heart. That comes back to you! Karma is not always a b!tch ūüôā
  4. Appreciation: It has been proven that people receive more when they appreciate more. Appreciation allows you to attract more things to which you will be grateful. Appreciation makes you happier, more open and more approachable. Create an appreciation journal!
  5. Know Your Worth: All that training you received, all those certifications, the price you paid for seminars, books, degrees and more. All of that makes you worth so much more than what you may be charing for your services right now. Reevaluate that ASAP!


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Four Tips For Business Domination


All entrepreneurs want it. We want to KILL IT in our industry. We want to provide a service or product that is aligned with what we love and earn money…lots of it. In the beginning it all seems so possible; the potential is limitless. But then it happens. Everything gets crazy, we get overwhelmed, sales decrease, the bank account gets lower and lower and the desire to quit sinks in.

Here are a four tips to help you get beyond the frustration and back to the optimistic eager entrepreneur you once were.

  1. Redetermine the¬†Who and What are You Serving: Be sure that you have clearly identified exactly ¬†what you are doing or for whom you are doing it. Are you really solving a problem? I call it being a Tylenol. Are you the effectively providing pain relief for someone’s headache? This is important! If you are not solving a real problem for people that really need it, your business is doomed! Maybe it has changed since you began. Reevaluate.
  2. Plan: Have you been planning or just winging it? Winging it may work for awhile, but in order to have longevity you must PLAN. You must know when you will offer something new, how you will launch it, how you will market, when you should have sales, etc. Failing to implement a real plan for everything that you do will¬†put you in the position to constantly waste your time. It is great to be busy, but are you broke and busy? Broke and busy is just a waste of everyone’s time and energy. Get a plan. Use your time effectively.
  3. Who is on You Team? Have you been trying to get every single thing done yourself? Doing your own graphics, your own legal filings, your own marketing, your own dishes and laundry? You can’t do it all, honey! You are just one person. Is there anything you can delegate? Can you swing $100 per month for someone to take care of household chores so you can focus on your business? Can you find someone with more knowledge than you to handle your accounting or legal or websites? You may not have it in your budget, but you may need to create a budget for it. Cut out those trips to Starbucks and that swanky restaurant! Working in your business all the time is not a good use of your talents. Maybe you need sales associates, affiliate marketers, a marketing intern…whomever you need figure it out. Figure it out quickly, my friend!
  4. Knowledge: This one quite frankly should have been FIRST. I meet so many entrepreneurs that just want to be creative and provide their service without having to run a business. Sound familiar? As an attorney I met so many other attorneys that just wanted to be in the courtroom and do research. They weren’t interested in drumming up new business, making sure their taxes were done properly, creating systems for their clients, etc. They just wanted to be a lawyer..nothing else. There are so many professionals like this. The reality is that if you want to be self employed you HAVE to know something about business (or have someone on your team that does). You will go broke thinking that your talent is enough to make you rich.

Knowledge is power. You’ve heard that before I am sure! Business Consultants provide this type of knowledge to their clients. They guide their clients through the dark to that bright place called SUCCESS! As a new or possible struggling or stuck entrepreneur it may not be in your budget to hire someone like me or any of the other consultants out there.

I created a program for those in that exact position. The program is called Business Domination Binder. ¬†The program is in the BETA stage so it is only being offered to ten participants. As of now, I have 3 more available. The program is a self study kit that includes Goal Sheets, my two books (31 Day Brand and She Conquered), four 60 minute audio discs, a 3 inch binder full of just about everything in my brain with worksheets, 7 unit module PLUS all of my webinars. Yep ALL OF ‘EM!! From learning how to Build a Tribe That Pays, How to Start and Grow an Email List, How to Start Public Speaking, Mastering Instagram and even the most requested Legal Templates necessary for your business.

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Create an Experience Not a Business

create an

Anyone with a service or a product can have a business. The question is are you capable of not only providing a great product or service, but also creating an experience?

Let’s be honest right now. Whatever it is that you are offering, regardless of how new and innovative you think it may be, someone else somewhere is doing the same thing. That does not mean that you should be discouraged. Do not let anyone tell you that you market is too saturated. Your product or service may not stand out, but by creating an experience for your consumers you can easily stand apart.

If you want to stand out and ultimately generate a substantial income, creating this experience is a MUST.  Remember, they can go anywhere to get whatever it is that you are offering. What will make them come to you over and over again?

Here are 5 Tips to Creating an Experience:

  1. Branding: Branding is a lot like ensuring that you have the right bait when you go fishing. You know what type of fish you want to catch so you are sure to get the right bait to attract that fish. You have to do the same thing for your potential consumer. Have graphics, content, the right look, etc that attracts the “right” person. If you do it properly, once they find you they will feel like you are the one they have been looking for all their life.
  2. Strategic Marketing Plan: So you caught you potential consumers eye. They like what they see. Here is the key..you must REMAIN on their ¬†mind. You have to continuously dangle that bait that you KNOW they want in the fish’s face for awhile. Sooner or later they will bite. They may not be ready for you or your product right at this moment. What type of creative marketing are you going to do and when exactly will you implement to ensure that you stay at the top of their mind? It is essential.
  3. Great Product/ Service: That one is pretty obvious, right? Well to some it is not! You had the perfect bait, hung it from the proper rod and dangled it, the fish went for the bait but it was TERRIBLE. That’s not good. Your product/ service has to be top notch, creme de la creme, Grade A…you get the point… lol. It must be good stuff! If it is not good the consumer will be upset about their purchase. If they become upset they will tell a friend, that will tell a friend…and so on and so on. It is easier to maintain loyal customers as opposed to getting new ones. The new ones are nice; but the loyal ones are the best marketers ūüôā
  4. Systems/Strategies: Having systems in place for everything helps create experiences. For example, if you have an intake process that goes seamless. It gives your potential consumer the feeling that you are serious about your business. It puts the consumer at ease. Having a system for follow-ups, for product returns, taking messages and returning calls….everything! The more systems you have the more organized you can be. That leaves less room for error.
  5. Customer Service: Every once in awhile something may fall through the cracks. Someone may not follow your system or you may just have a difficult customer/client. How will you handle a situation gone wrong? The way you make a consumer feel after a bad experience is important. Even if the customer is wrong you may want to pick your battles. Sometimes “battling” just is not worth it. Don’t leave a bad taste in their mouth. Handle the person the way you would want to be handled. It doesn’t always work because some will just never ever in life be happy! Just remember not everyone is reasonable (and sane!)

Creating this experience from the beginning to the end will help you build a loyal customer base and ultimately earn more money. That will happen ONLY if you remain CONSISTENT! Consistency is key, friends.

There it is. All laid out. No need to rebuild the wheel. I promise it works!

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Is It Time to Franchise?


Your business is going well, it’s making money!!! YAY!! Now you are ready to expand?! That is a great feeling. Will you open a second location or will you franchise? Franchising means that someone else will be operating the business, but you own the brand and get a percentage of the sales.

Whether you become a ¬†franchisor or if you decide to open the next location alone it will require a lot of work! Many think that franchising is an easier way to allow someone else to do the hard work, but still have the financial benefits. It’s not so simple! Here are a few things to consider when determining if you indeed are ready to franchise your business:

1. COSTS: Do not underestimate the costs associated with franchising. Although franchising can help your business earn higher revenue, it can also cause you to sink into a huge hole if you are not realistic about the costs. A legal team to ensure your franchise agreement is solid, accounting team to ensure pricing models and potential profit and loss statements are all in your best interest, marketing to ensure that people know about the new locations…the list goes on! Be sure that you cover all aspects of exactly how much this next level will cost you. It may cause you to lose money for awhile…are you prepared for that?

2.  PLAN: You need a plan. Where do you want the franchise locations? What radius will each location cover? Do you want to remain local? Nationwide? Maybe even global? How will you go about doing this? What type and how long will the training be for the franchisees? What type of royalty percentage and franchise fee will you receive? There are so many things to consider and so many elements which require a plan. A poor plan can cost your business a significant amount of money!

3. BE READY TO SAY NO: Regardless of the number of franchisees you have this will always be your brand…aka your baby. You have to protect your baby as you would with any small child. Some may have an interest, but they may not be a good fit. They may have a great location in an area in which you want to expand and have the money to get started. You worked hard to build this brand. The last thing you should ever do is to allow someone to throw money in your face, improperly represent your brand and destroy what you have worked so hard to build.

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Saying GoodBye to Business Coaching

Last Call....-3

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!!!

I hope you are doing well. As for me…I am great. Myself and my business is just going through a slight transition period. Transition indicates change and change can be good! I am excited about all the new things and people that are coming into my life…all confirming that the change is right on time!

I have been wrestling with this for some time. I’ve been praying and had some sleepless nights trying to determine what was best for my business (and ME!)¬†I LOVE what I do…helping others create powerful brands and helping them legally protect them.¬†It makes me so happy! So what’s the issue, Lenise (I bet that was your question…lol) The issue is that I have been working with people one-on-one pouring all that I have into them sometimes allllll day! I’ve had days where I had calls/Skype sessions back to back to back. I am literally tied to my phone/computer all the time.

I am truly a creator at heart. I feel that if I was not tied to my devices all day I can have a greater impact on female entrepreneurs. I can create more digital products, I can write more books, I can speak to more audiences about entrepreneurship. I just might be able to change the world (smile!).¬†I’ve worked with corporate clients such as Home Depot and Zaxby’s chicken franchise and¬†more.¬†I love working exclusively with clients like that where I can be super creative and challenge myself….off the phone ūüôā¬†I want to return to that freedom.¬†

For this reason I am restructuring my business. The “Lenise Williams” brand will focus more on me as the entrepreneur and my legal expertise. The “Girl Biz Academy” brand has undergone a little restructuring as well. Instead of offering coaching/consulting to the students beginning this month (the final month for my students) Girl Biz Academy will be more of a resource for female entrepreneurs. It will offer digital downloads, books, webinars and more. I have some other things in the works that I will tell you about later ūüôā

So when I mentioned this on a recent periscope I got lots of “smack”…lol “I’ve¬†been wanting to work with you, Lenise”; “I was going to sign up for your next round of one on one services.” “Why didn’t you give us warning!“….lol THEY LET ME HAVE IT!!! So in the spirit of compromise I am offering one on one services for a 4 week period with only FIVE people. That is one call Monday-Friday for 4 weeks…I can handle that lol.¬†So it’s the last hoo-raa!!! Don’t say I did not warn you..lol

Click here¬†If you are ready to commit to four weeks to develop and implement strategies to increase your profitability then I am ready to commit to it as well. If you have been waiting here is your chance. Unfortunately it’s likely now or never ūüė¶

A BIG SPECIAL thank you to the entrepreneurs that I have worked with one on one over the last few years. It has definitely been an honor and a privilege to see your growth both financially and mentally. I appreciate all of you more than you will ever know. BIG XOXOs

The 1 Reason You Can’t Execute Your Idea

home & decor

Do you ever ¬†wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea! You know that this “thing” you have thought of will help sooooo many people and will also put quite a bit of money in your pocket. It’s a win-win! The problem? You fail to execute. Does this only happen to me?

I have about 5 big projects swimming through my brain right now. They didn’t just get there last night. They have actually been in my brain taking up space for quite some time. Some for years.

I know that these things can be great, but the bottom-line is that I have literally been paralyzed. I have not acted, but know that I should. I know what I want to do I just have not done the work. I woke up at 3:00 am this morning not because I had another great idea, but because I was haunted by all the things that I have not done. I felt anxious and also disappointed in myself.

After tossing and turning for what was possibly hours, I realized that I have become the person that I talk about the most. I have become the person that does not want to put in the work. I can blame it on my kids and the fact that I now homeschool. I can blame it on the fact that I work too much already. I can blame it on poor timing. I have never been one for excuses so my recent inaction surprises even myself!

So at some time close to 4 am this morning I asked myself why I have become that “I don’t want to put in the work” person. I thought about it and my answer shocked me. My answer was that I am overwhelmed and probably just really tired!!! Yes… a moment of transparency here! I am overwhelmed with ideas, with my kids schooling, basketball tournaments, with my business, with it all.

I thought more about it. I realized when a person is overwhelmed they don’t act. The mere thought of doing something new, putting in the time and effort becomes something else to add to the huge mound of overwhelm. Just thinking about executing is exhausting! It makes me really just want to take a long nap…lol. Overwhelmed people often are nonproductive people. They aren’t productive because they just don’t know what to do nor where to start.

So instead of outlining how and when I was going to get these things ideas out of my brain I decided to do something else first. Instead I created a list of what I need to do RIGHT NOW to reduce the weight of my plate. I created a timeline to get these” right now” items handled. I also made a list of what I have to delegate….it’s required!

So often we hear people say “get these ideas out of your head before someone else does it.” Here are my thoughts on that: I have about 5 ideas a day. They really just do not stop…lol. If someone happens to do it first I will have anew idea delivered to my brain within hours. It’s just how an entrepreneur’s brain works!

My new thought is this: Yes, get the idea out of your head, but handle the “right now” first. Don’t get so stuck with how you will share these new ideas with the world until you are in a good space to execute. Slow down. Take your time. When you follow that path your execution and the end result will likely be better than you imagined!

Can you possibly be suffering from overwhelm paralysis? Let me know how you will handle it.

Why My Trip To Starbucks Made Me Proud of My Biz!


If you know me then you know I am a serious Starbucks junkie! The baristas at multiple locations in my area¬†know my name, my kids’ names and my favorite drinks. They are like my extended family. LOL

Yesterday’s midday trip to Starbucks was different. It made me smile! I homeschool my two boys so they were with me on my trip to¬†¬†‘Bucks drive thru yesterday. It was buy one get one free frappucino happy hour so they were smiling with their vanilla bean blended frozen drink too!

I was smiling because I thought about the freedom I have created for myself and for my boys. The fact that I have them home with me and can be in complete control of their education, their environment and their influences has become very important to me. Especially with the things that go on these days…shhheesh!! We can take vacations in the middle of the week, we can sleep late some days, all three of us¬†can all do our work from the park if we choose.

There is soooo much freedom and flexibility to just LIVE!

We are able to do this because I restructured my business in a way that I can work smarter and not necessarily harder. I have¬†books, programs, courses and more for sale that make money while we sleep or while we sip each and every¬†calorie¬†in a frappucino! It is all set up on autopilot while I take the time to be fully committed to my children. Doing this has allowed me to reduce the number of entrepreneurs I work with one on one so that I can¬†be a better mom….one that is less stressed and not on edge, one with more free time and with more patience. The patience is the one that surprises me the most…lol. Homeschooling has pulled out patience in the most impatient person… ME. lol

Creating your business to work like this is possible regardless of the industry you’re in. Whether you are an online business owner or own a brick and mortar. Even if you are working a 9 to 5!

You are missing out on money and time with your loved ones. Time that you will never,ever get back.

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