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When It Is Time To Fire Yourself!

When You’re CEO Sometimes You Have to Fire Yourself!I found this article written by Toni Jones Dixon on www.AwesomelyTechie.com and I thought about you and all that you try to achieve by yourself in your business! There are some great tips in this article. Enjoy!

I was sitting back looking at my mobile workspace (otherwise known as my car) and wondering who was going to do all the “must do” items on my list, while I sat, filling up already crowded spaces in my calendar? The answer is usually ME, but I didn’t have time for that.

Business is going relatively well. Steady and moving forward. When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s ideal to create a name for yourself, own a piece of this here American pie, write your own schedule, sign your own paychecks, deliver some goods and services to the world and all of that.

Sounds simple and sounds like a bit of fun, right?

However, there is one thing you have to keep in mind: you may be gifted in that “thing” that made you start a business in the first place, but that does NOT mean you can do all of the jobs the company has to offer. I was doing business, earning business, learning business, growing business, presenting business, putting business online, selling business, publicizing business, and whatever else was needed to make it all work. Yeah, things were going well… until they weren’t.

You see, I had been contemplating firing a couple of my employees for a while. Their butts needed to go! I had one employee who thought she could do everything, thus not doing most things well at all. She thought she was the master of all trades, picking up every job our company offered. And I let her. Though, she was fierce at the things she was most gifted in, eventually she was overwhelmed and tired and I bounced her. She was me! And she had to go. I was doing an adequate job, and that’s how one ends up defining one’s work and company, as simply adequate. Ugh!!!

I couldn’t afford to keep jeopardizing the company I built and its brand by presenting it in such an amateur way. I did a reorganization of the company and made the smart decision to fire myself.

Operating as the owner, ceo, president and everything else of your business, is something that most of us do because we must.

But before you tank your business and ruin your brand and reputation, know that you cannot do ALL things and expect to do them all well.

Professional Photographer – Stop taking sub-par pictures your and posting them on your company’s website. These pictures are your representative. Get yourself a good photographer and have them take some sharp, clean shots of you, your product and whatever else your business is about. As I saw it, I took all my pictures with a good camera and good lighting (a lamp) and like I said earlier… it was adequate. But adequate is not enough. It is not excellence.

Publicist/Public Relations – Find a good business writer to shout your praises. You’ll need a solid press release, brand statement, mission statement, value statement and an “about you” write-up. Most of us won’t even talk about ourselves enough to write a good enough statement that explains what we do. Let the professionals be your bullhorn. Plus, it won’t break the bank as much as you think it would. And it is absolutely worth it.

Website Designer – I was being schooled by Awesomely Luvvie on a few changes that needed to be made and didn’t even realize I had done my website a disservice with an antiquated looking website. She said, “you’ve got to get a proper About Page” and I looked up from taking notes and didn’t even realize I had wiped out the About page with my jacked website building skills. Double Ugh!!!

I needed a fresh pair of eyes to tell me what the rest of the world sees when they look at our company’s website. Yikes! And I thought I was the bomb dot com, like really. One thing she was adamant about was the font Comic Sans. If someone uses or suggests using this, you’re supposed to punch them in the throat. Yeah, I’m not sure that was supposed to be the take away from our session, but I’m ready.

Logo – Get one! A good one! Make sure it pops. Make sure it represents you well. I was appalled at the logo I created in MS Word (yeah, I said it… MS Word). It was cute, but it did not cut it. I gasped with disappointment and embarrassment when I saw my own logo in a publication. That is when I really knew I needed a change.

Bottom Line: Don’t be so impressed with yourself that you don’t allow the pros to do what they do to really pull together a well-rounded presentation of you and your company – YOUR BRAND. When you fire yourself and only work the jobs of your calling, essentially, you’re able to operate in your gifts full on and with excellence. Additionally, you WILL drive more traffic to your business, thus, seeing more cash flow your way.

I just recently fired myself and my business is undergoing a rebranding because of it. Hand yourself a pink slip so you can prosper.

What are your thoughts? Is it time to fire yourself?? Let me know below:


3 Keys To Gaining Wealth as an Entrepreneur

Running a business requires focus in so many areas. You find yourself wearing many hats and struggling with what which area you should focus your energy. Knowing and implementing these 3 basic keys can make you incredibly rich and set you on the road to financial freedom.

1) You will make the most money when you provide a product or service people truly want and are willing to pay for. 
The statement “find a need and fill it” is not always true. Why?  Because it is not exactly what people need, it’s what they want that they attach their emotions to. When emotions are in the mix credit cards and dollar bills start to fly. You do not have to find a need, as likely their need has been met by a competitor. Your tactic should be to provide what they want faster and better than he competitor fills their need. Connecting to your potential clients/customers emotionally causes them to spend more money and become loyal customers. Loyal customers = long term paying customers.

2) An amazing copywriter and a plan will take your sales higher than you imagined.
A copywriter is a person that writes and does it well! Every business needs to bring in customers and clients. In order to do this business owners will need product/service descriptions, marketing material, etc. The copywriter has such a way with words that they are able to influence and persuade your potential client/customer to purchase from you. Creating a great marketing plan targeting your ideal client along with a copywriting takes you from good to AMAZE BALLS!!!

3) Unwavering determination and focus will win.
Have you ever witnessed a 2 or 3 year old go after what they wan…a toy, a person, food, etc.? The “prize”that they are after may hurt them, may not be what they think it is or their parent just may not want them to have it. None of that matters to the toddler. THAT BABY WANTS WHAT HE WANTS!! He will do whatever he can to get it…chase, scream, kick, whatever! He has no fear and no apprehension in letting you know what he wants & going after it. Adopt that toddler mentality with your business and watch how things change for you…including your bank account!

If you aren’t implementing all of these currently tell me below which will you begin with in 2015!

Tips For a BANGIN 2015

Soon enough the end of 2014 will be here. Regardless of the goals you have accomplished, every business has room for improvement. Whether you need to restructure, restrategize or just rejuvenate your business it is time to start getting a great plan of attack underway. Here are a few “resolutions” to get you started:

Improve Marketing Efforts: What worked for you this year? Do that again in 2015, but better! What did not work? Figure out why it did not work and determine how to fix it! This will also be helpful so that you can determine your marketing budget for the 1st quarter of 2015.

Take a Course: You can never know enough about your industry, marketing or business in general. Be sure to google upcoming courses, either before the close of 2014 or the beginning of 2015 and BOOK IT NOW! Start the year with the mindset of “student” regardless of your success level.

Social Media Focus: Determine which social media outlets were the most effective for you. Also take a little scroll down memory lane! Look at your posts and see which posts got the most attention. Duplicate them in 2015 and do less of the stuff that didn’t get attention.

Customer Service: I hope you have been collecting testimonials or saving all the wonderful remarks people have shared about your business. If so now is the time to look over all of them. Read and reflect on what made those customers happy. After you figure it out get a plan together on how you can take their “happy” to a new level. How can you not just hit a home run with the particular attribute they discuss; but how can you knock it out the park in 2015?

Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t where you planned to be at the end of 2014. Now is not the time to feel sorry for yourself- you have too much to do! If you are exactly where you want to be or beyond- You Go Girl! But don’t get so comfortable with where you are now. If you fail to continue to work the way you have worked or improve the way you have improved you may find yourself back at square one! YIKES!!

What are you going to jumpstart your efforts for 2015?? I want to know..comment below!

Giving Birth To Your Business

Starting your own company is a little like giving birth to and raising a child. There are unexpected expenses, painful experiences, and seemingly endless hours of work. But when the business is finally up and running, you can look proudly upon the fruit of your efforts and smile.

Do your homework

As with child rearing, it’s always wise to do some research before jumping into business with both feet. Explore your competition. Get to know your target audience or market. Compare pricing with similar goods or services in your area.

Devise a plan

Having a good business idea is not enough. Every solid business is built on a solid plan. Sit down and write your business plan in great detail. If you are unfamiliar with this process, seek out a business plan template on the Internet, or use some reputable business-organizing software like Quickbooks as a guide.

The above steps are likened to the pregnancy stage of childbirth. They constitute the preparation period for the birth of your new business. Use this time wisely. The real fun is about to begin!

Ready, set, launch!

The launch period of your start-up business is both scary and exciting. You’ve done your homework, and now you are ready to push your infant business out into the public eye. This requires a tremendous amount of effort, but your adrenaline will carry you through. As you look back on this time later, it will seem like a magnificent and somewhat horrific blur of marketing campaigns, advertising slogans and office work. This is simply the normal angst of “business birth”.

Hold your business by the hand

Fast forward a few months to the toddler stage of your new business. Things are starting to move along without as much effort on your part. A customer base is building. Supply and demand is kicking in. Your sleep patterns are beginning to normalize. Don’t get complacent! You still need to run alongside this baby business to make sure it doesn’t stumble. Keep a close eye on your profit margin, and be sure to troubleshoot any customer complaints or service failures immediately.

Let the business grow in its own direction

Just as you would allow a child to make choices, be ready to let your business take its own direction. There may be an untapped market that you didn’t see when you wrote your business plan. Perhaps you need to expand your list of services to give the business more income options. Maybe your services are too diverse, making it hard to concentrate effectively on your customers’ needs. The goal is to keep business flowing. Don’t get too hung up on the direction in which it flows.

Maintain good parenting practices over your business

As your business matures, it needs less life support from you and more guidance. Manage from a distance so that your vantage point includes a “big picture” mentality. Allow the business to grow at a steady rate, addressing all of the common growing pains along the way. Delegate as much responsibility as possible to your employees, but always be available as a resource. Your guiding hand is the key to maintaining the company’s mission and core values.

Look back as you move forward

Every once in a while, look back at where you started and marvel at your creation. Smile proudly as you watch your business running strongly alongside the competition, remembering the nurturing and care that you poured into it during the early years. These are joys that cannot compare to corporate participation or big business ownership. This is the sweet success of parenting a small business!

Getting Paid to Socialize

Networking is what separates today’s businesses from previous century’s businesses. It has become an integral part of every new business venture. The effectiveness of an entrepreneur’s strategy to develop his business depends largely on his ability to establish new relationships with other businessmen and entrepreneurs. It is a continuous process. Almost every new business startup today focuses on creating business links to gain competitive advantage. Let us try to understand more about the key factors which make business networking the cornerstone of every entrepreneur’s success.

Business Networking – A Habit! Successful entrepreneurs realize the fact that business networking is a habit. It is an important part of every entrepreneur’s journey. It is portrayed in the way an entrepreneur presents himself to others, creates a sense of trust and a bond of likeness towards his personality. Often this happens in a very short period of time. Ever wondered how every time you meet successful businessperson, they leave a positive impression on your mind? This type of magnetism is a consequence of developing consistent positive habits. It requires improvement of networking techniques and strategies through regular learning and practice. As with all important skills of life, networking requires continuous conscious effort.

Networking Opportunities- Every new contact in business is a valuable opportunity. However, time spent in establishing relationships with clients largely determines the effectiveness of networking. Treating every new contact as an opportunity produces fruitful long-term results. It is a good practice  to treat all individuals as you did when you met them the first time.  Overlooking a potential contact just because they have different interests or ideas may not always be the right decision. They may have something valuable or know someone valuable that can transform your business. Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Entrepreneurs and New Businesses- Every new business startup requires a huge investment of time, money and energy.  However, that investment is in vain when you fail to find new business or clients. Entrepreneurs who persistently develop their business networking skills have a high likelihood of attracting new businesses. This keeps the business cycle moving. However, it all starts with connecting different people into a business web that functions in a synergistic way.

Netweaving– Netweaving is a new twist to networking. It is a rather simple concept focused on more effectively developing reciprocal business relationships that has far-reaching potential. Netweaving involves you doing more than just meeting people. Netweaving is going into a party or an event and meeting people in order to learn about their personal and business needs. Why? Easy. So that you can figure out what you can do to help them. Providing a person with help or with contacts that can help them advance their position helps them to create a positive  impression and memory of you. Now in the instance that you may need to connect with that person further, it will be much easier. Now you have more than a new business card to add to your collection; you have a new relationship. the best part about this concept is that when you help others, good things seem to happen to you.

Netweaving may be more comfortable to others than networking. It is more casual and informal and reduces the pressure that some feel in “working the room”. Major developments in technology and social media have redefined business networking. It is easier today to speak with people across the world and establish relationships with individuals all over the world. You can exchange ideas and interests without meeting each other in person. This has resulted in a dynamic change in business networking. You would be surprised by the relationships that you can build with a simple hashtag or retweet!

Whether you network or netweave, you must become a charismatic entrepreneur that works persistently on forming new contacts. Successful entrepreneurs understand the value of connection and pooling resources.  I challenge you to network or netweave for at least 2 weeks in order to see what a difference it can make in your perspective. Who knows… you may make a new friend! 🙂