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3 Ways To Avoid Requests to Discount Your Services


You are in business for yourself.  Every penny you get to pay a bill, to buy groceries or even pay for that well-deserved vacation comes as a result of your own efforts. You do not have the luxury of getting a paycheck from your boss every week. That is why when someone (especially a stranger) asks you to work for free or for a significantly discounted rate you may get upset or even feel a bit insulted.

Why would so may people ask you to provide a service or a product for less than you are clearly requesting? I will tell you why. It is because they do not value your worth! They do not value your worth for one of three reasons:

1. Your pricing is off. You may be selling yourself too CHEAP! Your pricing may not be in alignment with what you are really worth in the eyes of others. That inadvertently makes people feel as though they can nickel and dime you. If your pricing shows your audience that you don’t value yourself and what you offer why should they value you? Step back and look at the message your pricing gives others.

2. Your branding may not be on point. Your brand may give the impression that you want to be recognized as the cheapest in your industry as opposed to the BEST. Your pictures and graphics may not be of the best quality. Your descriptions and copy on your website and marketing materials may not be written in a manner that adequately reflects what results you really can provide. If you do not look the part don’t expect anyone to pay you what you are worth.

3. You are not targeting the right audience. If your marketing and other efforts are reaching a demographic that cannot afford what you are asking how on Earth can you expect them to pay you? Your branding is all on point, your price is definitely in line with what you are worth but the sales just won’t happen. Imagine this: a realtor walks into a homeless shelter trying to sell a million dollar home. They want it. They need it. However they can’t afford that! Essentially that is what you are doing when you are selling to the wrong person. You make them want to buy it soooooo bad, but they can’t. Therefore they get so desperate for it that they ask you to make it more affordable to them. C’mon…stop teasing people! Align your product or service with the RIGHT people.

Adjusting this can be the difference between a $1,000,000 company and a $10,000 company. Stop letting others cause you to question yourself by requesting free or discounted products/ services. You work hard and you have bills to pay just like everyone else in this world. Position yourself correctly so that the thought to request a discount won’t even cross anyone’s mind. At the end of the day you are running a business. The intent of the business is that share your gifts, passion and talent with the world, but also make money! The bills don’t stop. Don’t lose sight of the passion, but also don’t lose sight of what you need in order to continue operating so that you can continue sharing that passion!

Business Blessings!

Do as I Say Not as I Did


I met or connected with many of those that follow me and my endeavors through an organization I started some time ago called Mompreneur, Inc. Mompreneur, Inc was designed to celebrate and educate the mompreneurs- the female entrepreneurs that are successfully running their business and being the matriarch of the home. As you may personally know that is NOT AN EASY TASK!

Mompreneur, Inc provided education opportunities for mompreneurs. This was mostly done through live events. I then started providing more private consulting and legal services to entrepreneurs which left me with less time to focus on Mompreneur, Inc. With so many women-owned businesses closing and women feeling frustration and losing hope it was important to me to find the resources and experts to help ensure success. My passion remained with the organization.

However in addition to the time constraints there where other struggles. My primary struggle was that I found it was incredibly difficult to impact a community of mompreneurs when they were spread all over the globe. So many women were requesting live events and for chapters to be organized in their city I found myself overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed with trying to manage my own start-ups, my children AND attempt to execute the organization. I honestly stepped back because I could not handle the demand. I was not expecting such a huge global response. I was thinking a small local organization meeting at a small table at Starbucks! SURPRISE, SURPRISE! It was a classic example of thinking too small and not planning BIG enough.

After months and months of brainstorming and talking it out with my team of advisors I feel I have created the perfect solution to reach the masses! ***Clears throat and smiles****I am pretty darn excited about it too!


I am pleased to have the ability to unite and educate mompreneurs nationwide through a virtual subscription box. Do you love subscription services as much as I do? This works much like a subscription box service that delivers hair products, jewelry, snacks, etc to your door step every month. However instead of delivering beauty and snack treats to your MAILBOX every month we deliver educational services and resources straight to your email INBOX every month.

This will provide education and resources to help subscribers’ grow their business. It also provides tips on the balance that mompreneurs have been yearning for. The service also provides monthly e-books, virtual business group coaching, business motivational conference calls, access to a private online community, specialized business educational webinars from industry experts, access to exclusive interviews with successful mompreneurs, a mobile app with discounts to over 200 vendors and MORE!

I already know you will LOVE it!! For more info on the service and how it works click here.

Mompreneur, Inc launches at 12 am tonight (June 7). For the month of June there will only be 100 subscriptions. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Here is the secret… Registration is open for a few hours RIGHT NOW for my VIPs. HURRY UP!!!  Click here.

I hope this relaunch helps you to see the importance of thinking BIG. Had I thought and planned for big initially there would be no need for a relaunch. Nonetheless it was a learning experience and I good story to share with my clients. “Do as I say, not as I did”!

Hope to see you on the subscription list!

I’d love your feedback! Check out the site and let me know what you think below.



When It Is Time To Fire Yourself!

When You’re CEO Sometimes You Have to Fire Yourself!I found this article written by Toni Jones Dixon on www.AwesomelyTechie.com and I thought about you and all that you try to achieve by yourself in your business! There are some great tips in this article. Enjoy!

I was sitting back looking at my mobile workspace (otherwise known as my car) and wondering who was going to do all the “must do” items on my list, while I sat, filling up already crowded spaces in my calendar? The answer is usually ME, but I didn’t have time for that.

Business is going relatively well. Steady and moving forward. When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s ideal to create a name for yourself, own a piece of this here American pie, write your own schedule, sign your own paychecks, deliver some goods and services to the world and all of that.

Sounds simple and sounds like a bit of fun, right?

However, there is one thing you have to keep in mind: you may be gifted in that “thing” that made you start a business in the first place, but that does NOT mean you can do all of the jobs the company has to offer. I was doing business, earning business, learning business, growing business, presenting business, putting business online, selling business, publicizing business, and whatever else was needed to make it all work. Yeah, things were going well… until they weren’t.

You see, I had been contemplating firing a couple of my employees for a while. Their butts needed to go! I had one employee who thought she could do everything, thus not doing most things well at all. She thought she was the master of all trades, picking up every job our company offered. And I let her. Though, she was fierce at the things she was most gifted in, eventually she was overwhelmed and tired and I bounced her. She was me! And she had to go. I was doing an adequate job, and that’s how one ends up defining one’s work and company, as simply adequate. Ugh!!!

I couldn’t afford to keep jeopardizing the company I built and its brand by presenting it in such an amateur way. I did a reorganization of the company and made the smart decision to fire myself.

Operating as the owner, ceo, president and everything else of your business, is something that most of us do because we must.

But before you tank your business and ruin your brand and reputation, know that you cannot do ALL things and expect to do them all well.

Professional Photographer – Stop taking sub-par pictures your and posting them on your company’s website. These pictures are your representative. Get yourself a good photographer and have them take some sharp, clean shots of you, your product and whatever else your business is about. As I saw it, I took all my pictures with a good camera and good lighting (a lamp) and like I said earlier… it was adequate. But adequate is not enough. It is not excellence.

Publicist/Public Relations – Find a good business writer to shout your praises. You’ll need a solid press release, brand statement, mission statement, value statement and an “about you” write-up. Most of us won’t even talk about ourselves enough to write a good enough statement that explains what we do. Let the professionals be your bullhorn. Plus, it won’t break the bank as much as you think it would. And it is absolutely worth it.

Website Designer – I was being schooled by Awesomely Luvvie on a few changes that needed to be made and didn’t even realize I had done my website a disservice with an antiquated looking website. She said, “you’ve got to get a proper About Page” and I looked up from taking notes and didn’t even realize I had wiped out the About page with my jacked website building skills. Double Ugh!!!

I needed a fresh pair of eyes to tell me what the rest of the world sees when they look at our company’s website. Yikes! And I thought I was the bomb dot com, like really. One thing she was adamant about was the font Comic Sans. If someone uses or suggests using this, you’re supposed to punch them in the throat. Yeah, I’m not sure that was supposed to be the take away from our session, but I’m ready.

Logo – Get one! A good one! Make sure it pops. Make sure it represents you well. I was appalled at the logo I created in MS Word (yeah, I said it… MS Word). It was cute, but it did not cut it. I gasped with disappointment and embarrassment when I saw my own logo in a publication. That is when I really knew I needed a change.

Bottom Line: Don’t be so impressed with yourself that you don’t allow the pros to do what they do to really pull together a well-rounded presentation of you and your company – YOUR BRAND. When you fire yourself and only work the jobs of your calling, essentially, you’re able to operate in your gifts full on and with excellence. Additionally, you WILL drive more traffic to your business, thus, seeing more cash flow your way.

I just recently fired myself and my business is undergoing a rebranding because of it. Hand yourself a pink slip so you can prosper.

What are your thoughts? Is it time to fire yourself?? Let me know below:

Tips For a BANGIN 2015

Soon enough the end of 2014 will be here. Regardless of the goals you have accomplished, every business has room for improvement. Whether you need to restructure, restrategize or just rejuvenate your business it is time to start getting a great plan of attack underway. Here are a few “resolutions” to get you started:

Improve Marketing Efforts: What worked for you this year? Do that again in 2015, but better! What did not work? Figure out why it did not work and determine how to fix it! This will also be helpful so that you can determine your marketing budget for the 1st quarter of 2015.

Take a Course: You can never know enough about your industry, marketing or business in general. Be sure to google upcoming courses, either before the close of 2014 or the beginning of 2015 and BOOK IT NOW! Start the year with the mindset of “student” regardless of your success level.

Social Media Focus: Determine which social media outlets were the most effective for you. Also take a little scroll down memory lane! Look at your posts and see which posts got the most attention. Duplicate them in 2015 and do less of the stuff that didn’t get attention.

Customer Service: I hope you have been collecting testimonials or saving all the wonderful remarks people have shared about your business. If so now is the time to look over all of them. Read and reflect on what made those customers happy. After you figure it out get a plan together on how you can take their “happy” to a new level. How can you not just hit a home run with the particular attribute they discuss; but how can you knock it out the park in 2015?

Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t where you planned to be at the end of 2014. Now is not the time to feel sorry for yourself- you have too much to do! If you are exactly where you want to be or beyond- You Go Girl! But don’t get so comfortable with where you are now. If you fail to continue to work the way you have worked or improve the way you have improved you may find yourself back at square one! YIKES!!

What are you going to jumpstart your efforts for 2015?? I want to know..comment below!

4 Ways to Get More Value From a Conference Ticket

My name is Lenise Williams and I am an addict. Yes, I am an addict. I am officially addicted to business conferences! I absolutely LOVE them; I can’t get enough I had the pleasure of presenting at the Moms as Entrepreneurs Conference at Morgan State University in Baltimore last weekend. I got back in town and the following day attended the Atlanta Business League Super Tuesday Conference. Both conferences had break- out sessions in which an expert in a particular area spoke. Here are a few reasons why my addiction is strong and how you can get the MOST out of conferences

1. I love to learn
I was able to walk way with little nuggets from each break out session. At the conference in Baltimore I was invited as a speaker; however I see it more as an opportunity to travel and get access to great information from other speakers without having to buy a ticket! HA! Before and after I speak I am typically the person in the front row with my pen and paper ready! Although I am a business consultant and I eat, sleep and dream business and entrepreneurship I never feel as if I know everything. Hearing different perspectives, different techniques and strategies is a method to learn a new style or it confirms that your way works best for you. Regardless of how much an individual may feel that they know; it is always advantageous to be a student.

2. The networking/netweaving is better than the food
Well the food was pretty darn amazing at both conferences, but if I had to pick networking/netweaving (see this posting for explanation of netweaving) over the yummy grilled chicken or the delicious grilled salmon I ate, I’d definitely forego the food! Most times I eat before I go to events. I eat so that I allow myself more time to talk to others. If I am so busy stuffing my mouth with food it makes it very difficult to connect with others. It is so very important to take advantage of so many like-minded people being in the same space. It is the best time to chat with some you may have been wanting to meet or an opportunity to reconnect with others.

I like to look at the list of speakers before the event and decide which sessions I will attend before I even purchase my ticket. If someone that I have been wanting to connect with is speaking I make sure to attend that session and sit front and center! Front and center is the easiest path to enable you to speak with them after their session concludes. I already know what questions I want to ask, I already know what I want to tell them. I don’t like wasting anyone’s time for I don’t like for anyone to waste mine. If you do not go to a conference to open up and meet prospective clients, prospective joint venture partners or marketing partners, you should save your money and just attend a virtual seminar. MAXIMIZE the value of that ticket you purchased!

3. I Run Out of Content Ideas
As a person that likes to provide great blogs, webinars, etc I sometimes run out of good stuff to write/talk about! That has no measure on how much I really know. That just lets me know that I need to get out and learn more about what people want. Many times the conference organizers research what the hot topics are; they know what the people want to know about. I will be honest, I often have so many trademarks to register and so many deadlines to meet that I honestly go brain dead when it is time for me to give you all great content. The organizers eliminate the hard work associated with research. Why reinvent the wheel, right?! Seminar titles, tips that the speakers share or even just a quote that they recite triggers my brain and gives me an idea for something amazing to provide to my readers/listeners. That is why my pen and paper or sometimes even my iPhone notepad is a MUST! I jot my ideas and refer to them later. Ha… now you know my secret for maintaining good content 😉

4. I just need to get out (sad, i know…lol)
I spend a lot of time behind my computer drafting documents, emailing and assisting my clients. The other part of my day is spent on the phone. When I imagined my life as an entrepreneur I imagined a bit more excitement! Yes, it gets lonely sometimes. I learned a few years back that it is important to make an effort to be around people other than your clients and your team. It is great to get out and socialize with an entire conference room of people that actually are like me and like to talk about business. I am so “business obsessed” that I even like to talk about it when I am not even paid to do so. It is exciting to be in a room full of people that are just as eager to talk about the same things for which I have an interest… I am a bit of a nerd lol

I encourage you to invest in yourself and attend as many Conferences as possible. It is said that many deals happen on the golf course. However I can say the same for the deals made at conferences. Maximize your experience! That way even if the conference provides poor content you won’t feel regret! As for myself, I do not plan to rehabilitate myself from my addiction. I have 2 more events on my October calendar!



For more info on Moms as Entrepreneurs visit: www.maeentreprenur.com (Launch Oct 15)
For more info on Altanta Business League visit: www.atlantabusinessleague.org

5 Ways to Create a Legacy Instead of a Hustle

I don’t want to create a hustle; I want to create a legacy. What’s the difference you ask? A hustle is something you do to get money quickly. A hustle is something to keep you busy with a bit of extra money in your pocket. A legacy may not pay you much in the beginning, but the rewards are greater. A legacy will make money and makes you happy thereby increasing your longevity. I don’t want the quick money; I want the longevity!

Here are 5 ways to create a LEGACY and not a HUSLTE:

1.     Take yourself seriously. If you treat your business like it’s a quick way to make money it will become just that. Believe in yourself and your services/products. Tell people you are a professional, present yourself as a professional and maintain a work ethic like a professional. Invest in your business, your business development and mentorship. If you take yourself  & what you do seriously so will others.

2.     Do your homework. Yes, your history homework. Look at businesses or entrepreneurs that you admire. Those superheroes likely had humble beginnings. Do a bit of research to find out what their early days were like. Learn from their lessons and study how they grew their legacy.

3.     Think BIG but start SMALL.  Entrepreneurship is a marathon not a sprint! Take your time. Don’t make your business a big business until you have established yourself in the industry. Instead let the business grow with you. Trying to grow with the big business you create may set you up for a quick hustle instead of a lasting legacy. However plan and run your business like it’s an EMPIRE! If you are prepared for the business to become HUGE it won’t take you by surprise.

4.     Redefine. There comes a time in your business when you may have to reinvent your brand. Redefining and reinventing your business to stay relevant is necessary!  You may need to redefine things a bit when you grow, or when you want appeal to a new audience. Don’t be afraid to take your business in a different direction than you initially planned. You can tweak things, but still stay inline with your purpose, mission and personal morals.

5.     Watch your cash flow. Always pay attention to how much money is coming in and how much money is going out. Find ways to keep your overhead low. I do not encourage any business to cut corners; however if you can save a few dollars here or there do it! Buy things in bulk, buy less of something you do not use often, shop around for the best pricing from manufacturers. Losing or wasting money is the quickest way to have to stop your hustle and get a new one. I don’t know about you, but I want a consistent business/ legacy and not the stress of finding new hustles!

I know everyone is different so I ask: what would you rather a hustle or a legacy?

It’s Pruning Season

It is that time of the year when the leaves fall and the trees look bare and not so pleasant anymore. However when the seasons change again after the new year, the trees come back greener and even stronger. The entire time the tree was perceived as “ugly” it was preparing for new leaves, a fresh look and a new season. Are you ready to drop some leaves and get ready for a new season?

I know I typically talk/write about business, business, business, but today I am going to take a different route and get a little personal. I hope that is ok with you 🙂 I am in no way a life coach, a therapist or anything even closely related. However as an Entrepreneur Educator, Consultant and Attorney I have seen it all when it comes to business. I tell people all the time that I see the good, the bad and the ugly of business!

One thing that I have seen consistently is that when an entrepreneur gets impatient or feels frustration in their season in life and in business they lose confidence. Maintaining confidence is key for an entrepreneur.

Here are 3 tips for my rockstar entrepreneurs to keep their confidence high & hang on through the “ugly” season:

Remain Grateful: Things may look grim in life and in business, but hang on to the good thoughts. Make a list of all your accomplishments large and small. Reflect on them daily and remember how you were able to achieve them. In addition be excited and proud of yourself for your accomplishments! Way to Go!!! (Insert virtual high five here)

Let Go: Make a list of what causes you stress in your business as well as your personal life. Whatever is on that list that you can eliminate or delegate do it ASAP! This does not apply to things like paying bills, caring for children and showering!

Same Goal; New Plan: Things may not be going the way that you would like. That does not always mean that it is time to throw in the towel. Now may be a good time to reorganize your ideas and restrategize your efforts. You may need the help of a mentor, consultant or just a great friend with amazing insight in the area which you are having difficulty. Having someone on the outside looking in with a fresh set of eyes can bring you to new levels of success. Your goal is likely driven by your passion. Don’t let go of your passion, just go in full speed and attack it from a different angle!  POW! BAM! BOOM!

Even if you are not in an “ugly” season which of these 3 techniques can you improve or implement TODAY? I’d love to know! Comment below.